Applying to go to college is an exciting step in your academic journey. At OTC, we know that with the anticipation of new possibilities often comes the stress of uncertainty and unanswered questions. We’ve assembled this guide to help cover the myriad of questions applicants ask us. You’ll find information on transcripts, applications, academic advising, and much more. While we can’t cover everything here, we have gathered answers to the questions we receive most frequently. If you don’t see your question or need more information on a topic covered here, please check out our Admissions Checklist or contact your Admissions Counselor for assistance.


Who can help me choose classes?

Your Admissions Counselor is your go-to person for enrolling at OTC. They will help you select the right program for your goals, financial aid, orientation to college, and registration for your first semester of classes.

Once you register for your first semester of classes at OTC, you will be assigned a College Navigator who will assist you with academic, financial, and long-term career planning throughout the rest of your time at OTC.

What is orientation?

Orientation is a one-on-one meeting with your Admissions Counselor who will walk you through all the steps in the enrollment process for the upcoming term and assist with registration for classes. You will also receive assistance with the financial aid process, an overview of the functions of the myOTC portal, and an introduction to all of the academic and non-academic supports and resources available at OTC.

Orientation is required for first-time college students. We strongly recommend students transferring to OTC attend as well.

Please apply to OTC before scheduling orientation.

Where can I get a step-by-step registration guide?

Your Admissions Counselor will walk you through everything you need to know to get registered for classes during orientation. Orientation is required for first-time college students and strongly recommended for all other students. To schedule your orientation, click on the appointment scheduling link below your Admissions Counselor’s name here: Our Team – OTC Admissions.

If you have already completed orientation or you are not required to complete orientation, you can find registration guides here: Student Resources – OTC Student Success

Who’s my College Navigator?

Log into your myOTC account and click on Student Planning. Then, click Go to Plan & Register. Once on the scheduling page, click Advising. You can email your College Navigator by clicking on their name under My Advisors. Navigators are assigned once you have registered for your first semester of classes at OTC. If you have not yet registered, please contact your Admissions Counselor for assistance.

I wanted to be in a Health Sciences program but my account says I am in the Associate of Arts in Bioclinical Science (AA.BCS). What is a Selective Admission Program?

Health Sciences programs are not open enrollment and are very competitive in the selection process. If the Health Sciences admissions team has accepted you, they will need to update your program of study. Your program will be automatically updated by the Health Sciences Admissions office.

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Do I have to complete Self-Placement?

As of September 2015, OTC no longer requires students to take a placement exam in order to be eligible to take entry-level English, Math, and Reading courses. Instead, students are allowed to choose which entry-level English, Math or Reading course is right for them.  OTC is committed to providing students with the guidance and information they need to make appropriate self-placement decisions.

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What if I need to switch to a different campus to continue my coursework?

When you register for classes, make sure you register for the OTC campus that meets your needs. That will get your account updated.


What’s the difference between Certificate, Associate of Applied Science, and Associate of Arts?

Certificates are awarded for some allied health or technical programs after completing about half of the prescribed program. An Associate of Applied Science degree is oriented toward career and professional preparation. These programs are geared toward preparing students to enter the workforce. Associate of Arts and Associate of Science degrees are designed to help students prepare to transfer to a four-year college/university. The AA or AS degrees are focused on general education or emphasis in math/science areas of study.

What is CORE 42?

The Missouri Department of Higher Education (MDHE) has identified a common set of general education courses.  These courses are called the “CORE 42.”  CORE 42 courses are guaranteed to transfer to any Missouri public college or university to satisfy general education requirements.

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What is MRT (Missouri Reverse Transfer)?

A “reverse transfer” is an educational opportunity for eligible students to transfer certain coursework from the four-year institution the student is currently attending back to OTC to complete requirements for an associate’s degree, certificate or utilizing the Core 42 option. 

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Can I attend OTC and another college at the same time?

Yes, you can attend more than one college in one semester. You may attend OTC as a visiting student if you wish to take a few classes to transfer back to your home institution. However, please know that you may receive financial aid from only one institution.

Questions about Applying

I have graduated from OTC, do I need to apply for admissions again if I want to continue?

Your account will be active for registration up to one year after graduation. After one year, you will need to complete a new admissions application to reactivate your student account.

I have applied to OTC, what do I need to do next?

We have developed an Admission Checklist for our students to follow once they have been admitted. This checklist outlines all the steps involved in attending OTC.

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If I attended OTC while I was in high school and I want to continue going to college, am I considered a Readmit Student?

You would be considered a First-Time student since you were still in high school at the time you attended college. First-Time students are those who have not attended college after graduating from high school.

Do I need to submit an ACT score for admission?

While ACT or SAT scores are not needed for admission purposes, they may be used for placement in English, Math and Reading courses.

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I applied last year to OTC and did not attend, do I need to complete the admissions application again?

Applications remain active and on file for 12 months. If your admissions application is over 12 months old, you will need to complete a new application for admission.


I applied for OTC but I want to push back my start date. How do I change my start date?

Simply email with your name, student ID and the updated start term that you need.

How old do I have to be to enroll in classes?

Students must be at least 16 years or older at the time classes start for the semester. Potential students may ask for special consideration by emailing the Dean of Students at

Why do you need TB test results when I am an online student?

OTC does not prohibit online students utilizing on-campus amenities like the library and therefore must comply with the state of Missouri’s requirements regarding TB screenings and higher education institutions. This is not an OTC policy but a statute by the state of Missouri.

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Why do you need TB test results?

When you completed the admissions application, you answered “yes” to one or more of the TB screening questions. Due to HIPPA (health privacy laws), your answers cannot be viewed by OTC staff or faculty. You will be able to enroll in classes for one semester, but we must receive and approve required TB documentation prior to registration in your second semester of classes at OTC. This is not an OTC policy but a statute by the state of Missouri. 

If you believe you made a mistake on the initial TB screening questions on your application, you may complete the following TB Screening Update form. Once the form is submitted online, you will be notified about any updates to your OTC student file.

Questions Regarding Your Status

What type of student should I select on the application?

Your student type determines your enrollment status and defines your relationship with OTC. It impacts things like: financial aid eligibility, communications, registration eligibility, and required documents. Your student type is determined by the following:

  • If you will be degree seeking or non-degree seeking
  • If you have previously attended OTC
  • If you have previously attended another college or university
  • If you are still in high school
  • If you are an international student

The application will ask you to select the appropriate student type based on the factors listed above. Please read through the options on the application carefully before selecting. If you feel like you still need assistance selecting your student type, please email for help.

How do I change my enroll status?

Please contact your assigned Admissions Counselor or College Navigator for assistance in updating your enrollment status. For additional information about please visit the Enroll Status page.

I attended a college while in high school. Am I considered a Transfer Student?

You will qualify for admission to OTC as a First-Time You would be considered a Transfer student for admission purposes if you have enrolled in another regionally accredited college or university after graduating from high school (excluding the summer immediately following your high school graduation), regardless of the number of credit hours you have completed.

 Questions Regarding Transcripts

Do I need to send in all of my college transcripts or just the last transcript from the college I recently attended?

If you are not a visiting student, all college transcripts are required to be submitted for your academic account to receive potential OTC credit for your prior coursework. Each college transfers credits differently; therefore, all transcripts need to be evaluated.

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Why is my transcript unofficial?

We have received your transcript, but it was marked unofficial or came from an unknown or unofficial source. Faxed transcripts will be considered unofficial. To be considered official, your transcript must come from your high school office, state department or institution by mail, email, or hand delivered in the original sealed envelope. Copies of the transcript from the student are not accepted.

Why is my college transcript incomplete?

For college transcripts, an “incomplete” status means a transcript states some coursework is “In Progress” and a new, official college transcript will need to be submitted once final grades have been posted at your other college.

Why is my high school transcript incomplete?

We have received your transcript from your high school, but your transcript did not include your graduation/completion date. Please resubmit your transcript once the graduation date has been reached and added to the transcript.

When do I find out if my transcript has been received?

OTC accepts a variety of credit including AP, CLEP and dual credit. Please check out our transfer credit website for more information.

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How will I know if my high school put the A+ stamp on my transcript?

The Financial Aid Office will notify you of your A+ eligibility. The email will state whether their office has the necessary documents to receive the scholarship or if additional information is needed. For more questions about the A+ scholarship program, please contact

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Why do you need my HS transcript again when I sent it several years ago?

In the past, federal financial aid regulations have changed. To receive financial assistance, we need to update additional information from your high school. Please contact your high school and request an official high school transcript to be submitted to our office. We accept official transcripts by email or mail. To be considered official, it must come from the high school.

Will my credits transfer from OTC to other colleges?

Transferability of credits from OTC to another college is up to the decision of the receiving institution. If you are considering attending OTC first, then transferring to another college, we recommend that you work with an advisor at the transferring college to ensure your credits will transfer as you need them to.

What is the difference between Regionally Accredited colleges and Nationally Accredited colleges?

Regional accreditation normally applies to an entire institution, while specialized accreditation normally applies to a specific program, department, or school within the larger institution (like our Allied Health programs, for example). Nationally accredited schools tend to be for-profit, career-based colleges, distance learning schools, and religiously affiliated institutions. The U.S. government is not involved in the accrediting of nationally accredited schools. Instead, this is a function reserved for specialized agencies. It is possible that students may have difficulty transferring credits from a Nationally Accredited school to a Regionally Accredited school. OTC is considered a Regionally Accredited Institution.

I graduated from homeschool. What documentation do I need to supply?

Your transcript must include your home address, list of courses, grades, graduation date, and signature of parent/guardian. Transcripts may be evaluated per state regulations and can be emailed to for processing. Homeschool transcript may be provided by the student or parent.

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Why haven’t my college transcripts been evaluated yet?

If you are a visiting student, college transcripts are not required and are not evaluated for potential OTC credit. Otherwise, transcript evaluations are done manually and may take 7-14 business days during certain times of the year.

I am transferring credit from a school that uses a quarter system. How does that equate to a semester system?

OTC works on a semester system.

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What is FERPA?

The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) is a US law that governs the privacy of student educational records, access to those records and disclosure of information from them. There are guidelines for faculty in regards to best practices to safeguard a student’s right to privacy.

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What is a 43-hour block of courses that can assist a student in graduation?

When students complete the 43-hour block for general education, it facilitates the transfer of credits to eligible four-year institutions in Missouri.

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How does the CORE 42 block of courses work?

CORE 42 courses are guaranteed to transfer to any Missouri public college or university to satisfy general education requirements.

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What is the Missouri Reverse Transfer (MRT) Program?

MRT is a program for eligible students to transfer certain coursework from a four-year institution the student is currently attending back to OTC to complete an associate’s degree, certificate or utilizing the Core 42 option.

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Do I need a parking pass or sticker?

Any person who drives a car, truck, motorcycle or moped on campus and is associated with the college must register the vehicle regardless of its ownership. The vehicle registration form can be accessed by logging into your myOTC account, under Helpful Resources. 

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I am a veteran. Who can I talk to about benefits?

Please contact our Veterans and Military Services Office at or by calling 417-447-6968.

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Who can I talk to about a hold on my account?

Please contact your assigned Admissions Counselor or College Navigator for assistance.

What is a smartcard and why do I need one?

The OTC SmartCard serves two major purposes. First, it serves as your official student ID to be used on campus and will have your student ID number and photo on it. Second, it provides options when it comes to receiving your student account refunds.

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What are some general Facts and Figures about OTC?

You may find our Fast Facts from the website below.  You will blow them away at the next Trivia Night!

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Does OTC have Departmental Proficiency Exams?

Departmental Proficiency Examinations demonstrate the specific knowledge and skills gained through job experience, outside coursework and specialized training.

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What is the VIP Program?

The VIP Program is designed for In-District students 60 years of age and older at the time of registration, to take an open enrollment class each semester, with no tuition or student fees. Out-of-District students may also register for classes at a discounted rate. Out-of-District students must pay the difference – per credit hour – between In-District and Out-of-District.

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Does OTC require a Graduate Exit Exam?

In order to evaluate how well OTC is meeting its instructional goals, it requires some graduates to complete an exit assessment.

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I cannot login to myOTC with the credentials that were emailed to me. (My default password doesn’t work. How do I check on that?) What do I do?

Contact to let them know. Be sure to include your birthday to ensure your birthday is correct in the system.

How do I change my password?

Try this link: If that does not work, contact the Help Desk at 417-447-7548.


How do I change my academic program?

Students not yet registered for classes:  You will contact your assigned Admissions Counselor to discuss the change. When approved, the admissions counselor will submit the paperwork required to change your program of study.

Students who have an assigned navigator:  Once you have registered for your first semester of courses, you are assigned a College Navigator.  Please meet with your College Navigator to discuss changing your program. When approved, your Navigator will submit the paperwork required to change your program of study.

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How do I request an Official Transcript?

OTC is glad to provide an official copy of your transcript or you may print off your own unofficial transcript through your myOTC account.

For More Information:

I need an enrollment verification for my insurance. How do I get one?

OTC is glad to provide verification of enrollment or degree completion. 

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How do I change my address or phone number with OTC?

Students may change some of their information with OTC. Click on the link below to start the process.

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How do I drop a class?

You may find it necessary to drop a class or withdraw from OTC.

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I want to give someone else access to my academic record. How do I do that?

Students who would like to authorize the release of their educational, financial aid, academic and student financial records to a third party individual may file a Consent to Release Student Information Form.

For More Information:

What is Directory Information? How do I prevent others from having access to it?

Directory information is the information the college is able to release regarding a student unless the student requests OTC not to release it.

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How do I apply for graduation?

Graduation is a time of celebration! Click on the link below to apply for graduation and to find out about graduation. 

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When can I register for classes?

We have open registration at OTC.  This means everyone can register anytime after the first day of registration. The link below will show you important dates related to graduation.

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What is considered a normal course load and can I take more than a normal load?

Students should consider their course load when planning their semester. 

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What is “Academic Standing”, and why is it important?

At the completion of each semester, academic standing is determined for each student enrolled for that semester. 

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How does waitlisting work?

Waitlisting is a feature in myOTC that allows a student to “get in line” (i.e., get on the waitlist) for classes that are filled/closed. 

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I got a message that I’m on Academic Probation. What does that mean?

When a student’s OTC cumulative GPA falls below 2.00, the Registrar’s Office will place the student on Academic Probation.

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What is a degree audit?

A degree audit is a tool used to determine what courses are needed for you to complete a certificate or degree.  It is viewed in your myOTC account.

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I just graduated. When will I get my diploma?

OTC evaluates all academic records before it disburses diplomas. The Registrar’s Office mails diplomas to graduates approximately six to eight weeks after the commencement ceremony.

For More Information:

I need to request a duplicate diploma. How do I get another copy of my diploma?

We realize that students may need to request another copy of your diploma.

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