IMPORTANT: When adding or dropping a class, it is highly recommended to make changes to your schedule in MyOTC. The registration form is OPTIONAL to fill out.

Here’s some important items to take note of before changing your schedule:

  • Please consider speaking with your college navigator regarding ALL changes you are requesting to made to your schedule.
  • Changes in class schedules must be made according to the posted registration dates.
  • Be familiar with how to set up a payment plan for your class schedule.
  • Familiarize yourself with our tuition refund policies.

Adding a class

When adding a course or courses, you are placing a course(s) on your schedule and registering for the course(s). You are encouraged to add classes via myOTC through Student Planning; however, a Registration Form may be obtained online or with speaking to your college navigator. We do have a video showing step by step instructions on how to add a class within in myOTC here.

Dropping a class

NOTE:  There may be consequences involved if you drop a class while receiving financial aid.  Please review this website, if you receive financial aid.

When dropping a course or courses, you are removing a course from your schedule but will remain in at least one course for the semester. Please refer to the chart below for information about dropping courses:

*SAP = Satisfactory Academic Progress
**W = Withdrawal. Assigned at the time of withdrawal from all or one class(es).

Please refer to Registration Dates for specific dates for the different length of terms.

Other tuition and fees may apply as per OTC’s refund policies.

You are encouraged to drop classes through myOTC in Student Planning; however, students may use the Registration Form and submit it to their college navigator. Failure to properly drop a course may result in the grade of ‘F’ on the student’s permanent academic record. Failure to attend a class does not constitute a drop.  Students cannot drop all classes online in myOTC.  When you drop all courses for a semester, it is considered a withdrawal.  When dropping classes please review the refund policies.

Please complete a registration form to make a change to your schedule.

Withdrawing from all of your classes

If you wish to withdraw from OTC, please go to our page Withdraw from Classes for more information.

Financial aid recipients who are on Financial Aid Probation and have filed an appeal, plan on filing an appeal or have an approved appeal should be aware that ANY change of schedule, including dropping classes, on or after the first day of classes will result in loss of financial aid in future semesters. 

Last Updated: 10/13/2022