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*OTC does not release official transcripts if there is a financial hold on the student’s records (ex: financial, library, etc). Students are responsible for contacting Student Account Services to verify and/or resolve any unpaid balances on their account. Students will have 30 calendar days to resolve the hold before the request expires and a new form will need to be submitted. If you have questions, please email:

End of Semester Transcript Posting

  • Final grades should be posted to transcripts by December 18th.
  • Degrees are expected to post to transcripts on December 20th.

Before requesting your official transcript, it is recommended that you verify the information you require has been posted by viewing your unofficial transcript in myOTC. 

‘Hold for Grades’ / ‘Hold for Degree’ Options:

The Registrar’s office does not hold transcript orders. If you would like your Official College Transcript to reflect your final semester grades or conferred degree, please visit the Student Academic Calendar for posting dates and order your official transcript on or after the respective posting dates.

Official Transcript Requests

The following transcript delivery options are available to current and/or previous OTC students.

Current and previous students may order through the National Student Clearinghouse (NSC) to request they send an official transcript electronically. You can also use this link to track your order online and receive notifications throughout the process. *NSC charges a convenience fee for electronic transcripts.


Fax: 417-447-6925

Mail: Office of the Registrar
1001 E Chestnut Expwy
Springfield, MO 65804

  • Current students may log into their myOTC portal and submit the Transcript Request form there.
Current and previous students may submit the printable Official Transcript Request Form to Student Services via the following:


Fax: 417-447-6925

Mail: Office of the Registrar
1001 E Chestnut Expwy
Springfield, MO 65804

OTC does not offer an email delivery option. Please see above for all Electronic delivery options.

OTC does not offer a fax delivery option. Institutions typically receive faxed transcripts as unofficial documentation. There are also often legibility issues with this method.

Unofficial Transcript Requests

OTC does not fax, email, or mail unofficial transcripts.

Current and previous OTC students may request unofficial transcripts in-person at Student Services with a picture ID at an of our campus locations.

To print an unofficial transcript, click the following link and log into your myOTC account.
Unofficial Transcript

Ozarks Technical Community College Official Transcripts FAQ

When should I request my transcripts be sent to my transfer school?

You a may choose to have your transcripts sent at any time, but OTC will not hold your request until a future date. If you have classes that are currently in progress, the receiving institution may mark the transcript as incomplete because they will not have your final semester grades and/or conferred degree.

Students needing either their final semester grades or conferred degree from OTC should utilize the Student Academic Calendar for transcript posting dates and plan to order their official transcripts on or after the respective posting dates.

It is always recommended that you speak with an admissions counselor at your transfer school to determine if your transfer institution recommends that you also submit a copy of your incomplete official transcripts.

How can I verify what information will be included on my transcript and sent to my recipient?

This question is common at the end of a semester when final grades are in the process of posting and degrees may or may not have been conferred. Students often have questions about what their transcript looks like and what information is or is not yet available on their transcript at the time they are requesting it to be sent to the requested recipient.

The simplest way to see the transcript that your recipient will receive is to view your unofficial transcript. Your unofficial transcript will display the same information that is generated on your official transcript in real time.

Current students may view their unofficial college transcript through their myOTC portal. Please see ‘Unofficial Transcript Requests’ for more information.

How long will it take my transcripts to be delivered to the recipient?

Transcript requests are processed within 1-2 business days.  Depending on the location of the recipient, we recommend estimating 3-5 business days for delivery.

Please note that OTC cannot accept responsibility for delivery delays by USPS or delays caused by incorrect or insufficient addresses. It is recommended that students thoroughly check the recipient address before placing their transcript order and double checking for typos.

Students needing immediate delivery are encouraged to utilize the National Student Clearinghouse.

Why was my transcript not delivered to the recipient?

Many factors can contribute to the delay or failure of a transcript delivery. If your transcript order has not arrived at the requested mailing address within 7-10 business days. Please contact so that we can check on your order.

If your order was placed through the National Student Clearinghouse, you can track your transcript order to verify whether the transcript has been sent to the recipient. You may also contact National Student Clearinghouse customer service for further assistance.

If I need to send my official transcripts from another institution to OTC, where do I send them?

Admissions Office
Ozarks Technical Community College
1001 E. Chestnut Expressway
Springfield, MO 65802


Where can I find information about OTC transcript evaluations?

If you have questions about how a course is potentially going to transfer to OTC, you may use our Transfer Equivalency Guide until your official transcript has been evaluated and posted.

You may also visit the Admissions Office’s What Makes Transcripts Official page for information on the Admissions department’s transcripts evaluation process.

As of: 09/26/2018

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