Withdraw from Classes

***Please consult with your college navigator before considering the withdrawal process at OTC.***

When you request a withdrawal, you are discontinuing all coursework for the semester at Ozarks Technical Community College. Please consult the OTC refund policy for details regarding your financial obligations to the college. Students wanting to withdraw from all college courses must complete one of the following options by the published deadline:

  • Students may withdraw from their classes by dropping all of them in myOTC.  No other paperwork is required if all courses are dropped through MyOTC.
  • Submit the Change of Schedule and Withdrawal Form to via mail, email to registrar@otc.edu, or in-person to the Student Affairs Office on the Springfield Campus/the Student Success Center on all other OTC Campuses.
  • Send an email requesting to withdraw from all courses to registrar@otc.edu from your OTC Email account. We will not accept an emailed request from a 3rd party email account. Be sure to include your OTC Student ID number.

If a student does not attend classes and does not complete one of the above withdrawal processes, the student may be administratively withdrawn or receive failing grades for the semester/term of enrollment. Additionally, the student may be responsible for any/all account balance at OTC.

Scan or take a photo and e-mail the document to registrar@otc.edu
*You must do this from your student OTC e-mail account.

Ozarks Technical Community College
ATTN: Office of the Registrar
1001 E. Chestnut Expressway, Springfield, MO 65802

Springfield Campus: Student Affairs
Other OTC Campuses: Student Success
(Student Affairs and Success were formerly known as Student Services)

Active Duty Military

Active Duty Military who have been called to duty should contact veterans@otc.edu to discuss the active military withdrawal process.

Financial Aid Recipients

OTC strongly recommends that you bring the withdrawal form to campus or e-mail financialaid@otc.edu to speak with a member of the financial aid staff prior to withdrawing from all courses. The Registrar must also reevaluate your current financial aid eligibility. They will also review your eligibility for aid in future semesters as a result of dropping coursework. This could lead to the proration of your financial aid and could result in the college having to return federal funds. If the Registrar returns financial funds you may owe the remaining balance to the college. More information.

Financial Aid Refund Policy (Return of Title IV Funds)

Financial aid recipients who are on Financial Aid Probation and either filed an appeal, plan on filing an appeal or have an approved appeal should be aware that ANY change of schedule, including dropping classes, after the 100% refund period of the current semester will result in loss of financial aid in future semesters.

Last Update: 10/10/2022

Other types of Withdrawal

Late Withdrawal

OTC may grant a Late Withdrawal to a student who experiences non-academic emergencies which interfere or prevent the completion of coursework and are not resolvable through traditional withdrawal methods. A successful Late Withdrawal allows a student to withdraw from classes after the passing of the final withdrawal date.

*The Late Withdrawal does not grant a refund of tuition or student feesMore information.

Administrative Withdrawal

It is the policy of the college that a student will be administratively withdrawn/dropped from a course due to lack of attendance in seated classes or non-participation in online classes (Policy 5.36).  The number of absences that will result in administrative withdrawal depends on the number of class periods for each particular class.  Students should be aware that administrative withdrawal for lack of attendance or non-participation may reduce the amount of financial aid they receive. It could also delay their graduation or necessitate repayment of aid already received. Moreover, it does not relieve their obligation to pay all tuition and fees due to the college.  More information.