Once you’ve applied for graduation, your coursework will be verified and your diploma mailed to you within six to eight weeks of the end of the term you finish your program. Your diploma will be sent to the mailing address on file for you with OTC, provided that your record is clear of all holds. Your diploma is considered a ceremonial document.  You should not use it to verify the completion of your degree or certificate.  If you need verification of a completed program, please request an official transcript.

If you did not receive your diploma within 8 weeks after graduation, please contact the Registrar’s Office at 417-447-6920 or email registrar@otc.edu to request a duplicate diploma.

Why would I not have received my diploma?

  • Diplomas take 4-6 weeks to print. If you just recently finished your program, we may still be working on your diploma.
  • If your address has changed, your original diploma may have been returned to us. Please contact us before ordering another diploma.  If we have it, we will mail it to your updated address.
  • You may not have actually graduated. Contact the Registrar’s Office to verify you have completed all requirements.

Request a Duplicate Diploma

How do I order a duplicate diploma?

If you lost your diploma or need to order another one, please complete the Duplicate Diploma Request Form.  You will then be directed to our payment gateway where you can pay for your duplicate diploma online with a debit/credit card.  Replacement diplomas cost $25.00 each and take 3-4 weeks to print and mail.

If you have questions regarding the duplicate diploma order process, please contact the Office of the Registrar at registrar@otc.edu or call 417-447-6920.