Waitlisting is a feature in myOTC that allows a student to “get in line” (i.e., get on the waitlist) for classes that are filled/closed. Once on a waitlist, this process automatically registers the first student on the waitlist when a seat has opened up. The system then notifies the student via their OTC email address. The order of the waitlist is first come, first served. Therefore, getting on the waitlist does not guarantee a seat in the class. If you are registered for a waitlisted course and no longer wish to be in that course, you will need to drop the course in myOTC.

If a student is registered for a course through the waitlist and that course is their initial registration for that term (the student was not already registered for other courses), that student will then need to complete the payment plan by midnight the same day in order to hold that class.  For that reason, it’s very important to check your OTC email daily when you are on a waitlist.

Waitlisting is offered for individual course enrollments only.  Waitlisting does not apply to program admission.  For more information about waitlists for admission to a selective admission program, please contact the appropriate program director.

Do all classes have waitlists?

No. Currently waitlists are not available for any High School Allied Health courses. Most other college-level courses will have a waitlist option. The waitlist is usually available unless the course requires concurrent enrollment in another course.  In those cases, the waitlist option does not work.

When is waitlisting available?

Waitlisting begins the first day of registration and ends at 8:00 am the day classes begin for that term. When waitlisting closes, all students who were not enrolled in a waitlisted course will be notified via their OTC email account that waitlisting is closed.  This gives students the first two days of the term to enroll in other classes if necessary.

How do I get on a waitlist?

If a course has a waitlist option, you will be able to click the “waitlist” button in myOTC when viewing the course. For more information on how to waitlist a course, you can also view the student resources website. This site includes both a You Tube video and detailed instructions.

How do I get off the waitlist?

To remove yourself from the waitlist, simply go into myOTC, find the class you waitlisted in Student Planning, and click the “waitlist” button to turn it off.

Also, if you register for a different section of the course you are waitlisted for, you will be dropped from the waitlisted section.

Can I waistlist for a class I’m registered in but at a different time?

No, you cannot be both registered for a course and waitlisted for another section of the same course.

Can I see my position on the waitlist?

Yes, you can see your position on the waitlist in myOTC, student planning.

Do waitlisted classes count toward my student status (i.e., full time)?

No. Waitlisted classes do not calculate into your cumulative hours for student status nor billing since you are not actually registered for the course.

Can I waitlist a class that is at the same time as another class I am already registered in?

This would be a time conflict. Even though you can add yourself to the waitlist for a class that is at the same time as another class you are registered in, you will never be registered in the waitlisted course as this would be a time conflict on your schedule. If you want the waitlisted course, you will need to drop the class that is at the same time as your waitlisted course for that term so when a seat becomes available we can register you.

As of: 01/09/2019