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Contacting Your Academic Advisor

Who is my academic advisor?

All enrolled, degree seeking students have an assigned academic advisor. To locate your advisor’s contact information, follow the steps below:

  1. Login to myOTC
  2. Select ‘Student Planning’
  3. Select the ‘Student Planning’ dropdown
  4. Select ‘View My Advisor’
  5. Your assigned advisor’s name will be listed and linked to their email address

Faculty advisors may not be available when classes are not in session. During these times, General Education, certain Technical Education, and pre-Allied Health students will be assisted by the professional advisors in Student Services. Students admitted to an Allied Health program will be assisted by the Allied Health department.

Why is it important to contact my academic advisor?

Your academic advisor is a resource for your success at OTC! Your advisor can:

  • Empower you to define your life, career, and educational goals
  • Help you create an achievable academic plan
  • Connect you with academic support resources
  • Hold you accountable for success

How do I request to change my academic advisor?

You can request to change your assigned academic advisor by submitting the Change My Advisor form.

I do not have an academic advisor. Who should I contact for help?

Visiting students and students who are not currently enrolled at OTC do not have an assigned academic advisor/navigator; if you have general questions, you can contact Student Services for assistance.

High School program students (Dual CreditCollege NowCareer Center, and Middle College) students also do not have an assigned academic advisor. Students in these programs should contact their respective program office for assistance.

Degree seeking students who are currently enrolled and do not have an assigned academic advisor/navigator should contact for assistance.

What should I say when contacting my academic advisor?

When contacting your academic advisor, be sure to tell them:

  • Who you are
  • What you need assistance or guidance with
  • When you are available to meet

Below is an example of an email a student might send their academic advisor:

Good Morning!

I am one of your advisees. I would like to meet to discuss a few questions I have about my academic program, grades, and schedule for next semester. Would it be possible to set an appointment for next week? Here are a few times I will be available:

    • Tuesday after 12 pm
    • Wednesday before 1pm
    • Thursday after 12 pm
    • Friday anytime

Thank you in advance for your assistance.

Advising Resources

What additional resources are available to help me plan my semester?

Scheduling Grid
The scheduling grid assists students in visualizing the time needed for academics, work, and other weekly obligations. When using the scheduling grid, don’t forget to schedule time for:

  • Class
  • Studying and homework
  • Work
  • Family and Friends
  • Chores
  • Commuting
  • Activities
  • Sleep

Time Management Plans
The time management plan helps students understand the time commitment of their daily activities. By entering the hours spent on each activity, students can compare their commitments to the hours available in a week.

What resources might my academic advisor refer me to?

Student Resources
Whether you’re seeking homework help, personal support or job opportunities, we’ve got your back. Use the link above to explore how OTC’s student resources can help you.

What materials will I need for my courses?

Watch the Course Materials 411 video to learn more about obtaining your course materials through the OTC Bookstore.

myOTC Guides

The following guides provide step-by-step instructions and visuals for completing common tasks in myOTC.

Course Planning & Registration

The following videos illustrate how to review the degree audit, plan courses, and make registration changes in myOTC.

Scheduling Courses Using the Degree Audit

Registering Scheduled Courses


Drop or Withdrawal

myOTC Resources

The following videos provide overviews of frequently used myOTC resources including OTC email, Canvas, and OneDrive.

Canvas Tour

OneDrive Tour

OTC Email Tour

How do I know how my courses will transfer to another college or university?

OTC is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission (, an accreditation agency recognized by the U.S. Department of Education. Therefore, most general education classes can be transferred to other similarly accredited institutions.

Our current accreditation status can be viewed here.

To determine how your course will transfer, contact the transfer institution. Transfer equivalences may be included at the links below.

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