Residency Information

OTC classifies the residency status into the three separate taxing districts below. Your residency status affects your tuition rate at OTC. Click here for tuition and fee information.


In-district students have lived in the state of Missouri for at least one year and in one of the Missouri school districts below for the past three months. These students or their parents pay personal property taxes to OTC and are entitled to the lowest tuition rate.


Out-of-district students do not live within the taxed districts but have lived within Missouri or Arkansas counties listed below for the past year.


Out-of-state students maintain permanent residency outside of the state of Missouri or selected Arkansas counties.

*Students under the age of 21 and claimed on their parent’s tax returns are subject to the residency of their parents.

Requesting a Change in Residency Status

OTC gives residency status at the time of application to the college. Students requesting their residency status be reviewed while attending OTC must submit a completed Residency Change Form.  This form, and all required documentation must be submitted online prior to the end of the 100% refund period for the earliest term you are enrolled in. For information about the 100% refund deadline, please refer to the Student Academic Calendar for dates.

Before accessing the Residency Change Form, you should gather the following documents and have them in electronic form (PDF or JPEG is best) so they can be uploaded to your online form:

Documents needed for “proof of residency”:

  1. You must provide a copy of your valid Driver License or State Issued Identification Card. This does not need to show the address used to establish residency if you can provide at least two other documents from item C below.
  2. You must submit a copy of the first page of your parent or guardian’s tax return if you are under 21 years old.
  3. You must provide OTC with copies of at least two of the following items. The documents provided must be dated such to prove residency (12) months prior to the start of the semester for students requesting change from out-of-state and (3) months prior for students moving from out-of-district. Current statements are insufficient documentation.
  • Driver’s License or State Issued ID with the address the student is using to establish residency
  • Lease agreement/home purchase agreement in your name with current address
  • Personal property tax receipt in your name
  • Utility bill in your name for residence being submitted
  • Bank statement in your name with residence address
  • Voter registration card with residence address
  • Paystub or W2’s in your name with residence address

EXAMPLE:  If you start classes during the 16-week term, you may apply for a change in residency up to the last day of 100% refund for that term.  If you start classes during the 14-week term, you may apply for a change in residency up to the last day of 100% refund for that term.

Requests submitted and approved after the first week of class will not go into effect until the following term of enrollment. Reclassification of residency is not retroactive to any prior terms of enrollment. Questions regarding residency should be directed to

NOTE: Students serving in the military or using veteran’s benefits may fit into special circumstance.  Please see if they apply to you.


In-District School Districts

Ash Grove R-IV

Branson R-IV

Clever R-V

Everton R-III

Fordland R-III

Hollister R-V

Logan-Rogersville R-VIII

Marshfield R-I

Nixa Public Schools

Ozark R-VI

Pleasant Hope R-VI

Republic R-III

Springfield R-XII

Strafford R-VI

Walnut Grove R-V

Willard R-II

Out-of-District Arkansas Counties (Pays Out of District Rate, Not Out of State Rate)