To request for a previously evaluated course(s) to be re-evaluated, OTC requires students to provide supporting documentation in addition to the official transcript.  Students should contact the academic department that taught the course(s) at the institution(s) attended to obtain appropriate documentation.  Once collected, please forward all information to The Admissions Office will then forward the documentation to the appropriate Department Head or Dean for evaluation. Once a decision has been made by the Department Head or Dean, OTC will notify the student of the decision. Please allow 2-3 weeks for the re-evaluation process to be completed.

For OTC to re-evaluate your transfer credit(s), please include the following items:

  • Cover letter or email listing your desired degree program and a list of course(s) that the student requests to be re-evaluated.
  • Copy of the course syllabus from the semester the student took the course(s) for each course(s) the student wishes OTC to re-evaluate.
  • Course description from the semester the student took the course.
  • Official transcript (should already be on file from the first evaluation).

Once the credit(s) are re-evaluated, the student will be notified of the decision by the Department Head or Dean by the Transcript Evaluator via email.


Last Updated: 09/06/2018