Your admission checklist provides you with the steps to become a undergraduate, degree seeking student or a visiting student at OTC. We also have checklists for students who are still in high school or are attending through through their employer as a Corporate Student. Whether you’re attending OTC through a dual credit program or taking advantage of our Early Start process, these lists will help you get a jump on college. If you’re not sure what type of student you are, we have a list to help you make the best selection. If you have questions about any item on the checklists, please contact us.



You will qualify for admission to OTC as a First-Time student if you are (or will be) a graduate of an accredited high school and have not earned any college credit (or will not have) after graduating from high school. You will also qualify if you have obtained your General Educational Development (GED) or have completed the High School Equivalency Test (HiSET) examination satisfactory.  Students who do not earn a High School diploma or equivalent can be admitted to OTC as a First-Time student but would not qualify for Financial Aid.


You are considered a Transfer student for admission purposes if you have completed coursework at another regionally accredited college or university following your graduation from high school (excluding the summer immediately following your high school graduation). The number of credit hours you completed does not matter.


If you are a student who previously attended OTC (not including our high school programs) and it has been more than one academic year since your last attendance, you will need to reapply to OTC as a Readmit student.


The Office of International Programs welcomes students from all parts of the world. OTC appreciates your interest in attending classes with us. If you are not a citizen or permanent resident of the United States and are considering pursuing a full course of study, we can admit you as an International student.


Students who are currently enrolled at another college or university and plan to take a limited number of courses at OTC and students who do not plan to seek a degree at OTC are classified as Visiting students. Visiting Students are always non-degree-seeking and are not eligible for Financial Aid.


We offer several unique opportunities to High School students to get a head start on their future. Through various programs, high school students can earn college credit as well as build career and technical education skills. Doing this can save time and money as they get a jump-start on their degree.


Students whose employers are assisting with the selection of your program and classes and have their companies pay for their course enrollment instead of using tuition reimbursement or self-pay are classified as Corporate students. Contact if you are still uncertain or are interested in having your employer participate.