Transferring Military Credit

OTC considers American Council on Education (ACE) recommendations for transfer when evaluating Joint Service Transcripts (JST). ACE provides insight into the learning objectives achieved for various military careers, courses, and specialties. Please Note: Final approval for transfer credit rests within the academic departments across campus.


If you would like OTC to consider your military training for college credit, please provide your unofficial JST to the Veterans and Military Service Office in a PDF format at

Students with military credit can choose one of three options after reaching out to Veteran’s and Military Services:


  1. Receive the standard 21 hours of transfer credit per our current agreement with OTC Veteran’s and Military Services office (HLT 101 and 19 additional credit hours)
  2. Receive credit for HLT-101 only (2 credit hours)
  3. Receive no credit for military service/training


You can request your Joint Services Transcript (JST) for free online at

Contact Veterans and Military Services or Veterans Upward Bound for assistance.

Last updated: 03/23/2023