VIP Tuition Waiver

For in-district students 60 years of age and older, the VIP Program is designed for the person to take a class each term, tuition-free, on a space-available basis only, after open registration has ended and goes until the end of the second week of classes.  Students utilizing the VIP Program, may not enroll in a non-credit course.  A class will not be paid for if the student enrolled in the course before classes start. Students may audit the course.  Auditing a class means the student will not receive a grade for the course. This decision must be made at the time of registration.

Students in the VIP Program must pay all common fees and other costs (books, supplies, and all fees, if applicable) associated with the class. 

Starting with the Summer 2019, individuals living Out of District may participate in the VIP Program!  Out of District students in the VIP program will be required to pay the difference per credit hours between In District and Out of District Rates.  Please check the current rates before joining the VIP program.

Interested students may contact Cindy Tuttle at or by calling 417 447-6920.  An application for admissions is needed to join the program.

IN-DISTRICT EXAMPLE for a 3-credit hour ART course:

$351.00   Tuition [3 hours X $113] (WAIVED)
$45.00     Student Fee
$40.00     Book (EXAMPLE ONLY)
$57.00     Student Technology Fee
$  9.00     Security Fee
$50.00     Facilities & Infrastructure ($30 during summer)
$50.00     Registration Fee
$65.00     Art Course Lab Fee
$316.00   STUDENT OWES

OUT OF DISTRICT EXAMPLE for a 3-credit hour ART course:

$492.00  Tuition [3 hours X $164] (WAIVED)
$141.00   Difference between In District & Out of District
$45.00     Student Fee
$40.00     Book (EXAMPLE ONLY)
$57.00     Student Technology Fee
$  9.00     Security Fee
$50.00     Facilities & Infrastructure ($30 during summer)
$50.00     Registration Fee
$65.00     Art Course Lab Fee
$457.00   STUDENT OWES

In-District residents reside in the following school districts:

  • Ash Grove R-IV
  • Branson R-IV
  • Clever R-V
  • Everton R-III
  • Fordland R-III
  • Hollister R-V
  • Logan-Rogersville R-VIII
  • Marshfield R-I
  • Nixa Public Schools
  • Ozark R-VI
  • Pleasant Hope R-VI
  • Republic R-III
  • Springfield R-XII
  • Strafford R-VI
  • Walnut Grove R-V
  • Willard R-II

Out-of-District Arkansas Counties (Pays the difference between In-District Rate and Out of District Rate)




Last reviewed: 04/16/2020