VIP Tuition and Fee Waiver

The VIP Program is designed for In-District students 60 years of age and older at the time of registration, to take an open enrollment* class each semester, with no tuition or student fees. Out-of-District students may also register for classes at a discounted rate. Out-of-District students must pay the difference – per credit hour – between In-District and Out-of-District. See the difference in tuition rates before joining the VIP program.  All students in the VIP Program are required to pay course-related fees (example: lab fees) and any books and supplies associated with the class.

*Open enrollment classes can be taken by any OTC student and do not require prerequisites or admission to a selective-admission program.  Students interested in foreign language classes taught through the Foreign Language Institute should contact Missouri State directly for access to those courses through their MSU 62 program.

Registration for VIP eligible students

Eligible VIP Students can register for a class for the upcoming term on the following dates by contacting the Registrar’s Office:
Fall Semester:  August 1st
Spring Semester:  January 1st
Summer Semester:  May 1st

Students utilizing the VIP Program, may not enroll in a non-credit course.

Grading for VIP Students

VIP students are allowed to take classes for a letter grade or they may  audit the course.  Auditing a class means the student will not receive a grade for the course and must be declared at the time of registration.  More information on grading options can be found on the OTC grades website.

Enrollment Status and Programs of Study

Most VIP students will enroll as a non-degree seeking “visiting” student.  Visiting students can enroll in courses without providing official transcripts, but cannot apply for financial aid.  VIP students can also apply to OTC as a degree-seeking student with a declared program of study (major) and can then apply for financial aid.  VIP students who are unsure of which status to choose should discuss their educational goals with their admissions counselor.

How to Get Started

Interested students may contact Cindy Tuttle at or by calling 417 447-6999.  An application for admission is needed to join the program.  Once admitted, students will meet with their assigned admissions counselor to review their educational goals and build their class schedule. Once the schedule is built, the Registrar’s Office will enroll the student in classes.  All VIP students are required to complete a payment plan the same day they register.

In-District residents reside in the following school districts:

  • Ash Grove R-IV
  • Branson R-IV
  • Clever R-V
  • Everton R-III
  • Fordland R-III
  • Hollister R-V
  • Logan-Rogersville R-VIII
  • Marshfield R-I
  • Nixa Public Schools
  • Ozark R-VI
  • Pleasant Hope R-VI
  • Republic R-III
  • Springfield R-XII
  • Strafford R-VI
  • Walnut Grove R-V
  • Willard R-II

Out-of-District Arkansas Counties (Pays the difference between In-District Rate and Out of District Rate)