Auditing a Course Guidelines

Students may enroll on an audit basis at the time of registration or addition of a course. Students may change the status of their class to audit or change their status from audit back to graded according to the schedule below:

Session Calendar
Intersession 1
 4-Week Session 2
 5-week Session 2
 8-Week Session 4
10-Week Session 5
14-Week Session 6
16-Week Session 7
20-Week Session n/a

How do I Audit a Course?

Students can declare audit status for a course by completing the Request to Audit a Course form.  You will need to print off this form and make an appointment with the instructor to discuss expectations for the course.  Once this is done, bring the form to the Student Services Office in ICW-109 of the Springfield Campus.

A student auditing a course must meet all prerequisites. Audited courses are not eligible for financial aid and will not count towards the completion of a degree. OTC will require the student to pay the full tuition and fees for an audited course. A student will not receive credit for an audited course.

Last Reviewed: 12/17/2019