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Release of Student Information Authorization

FERPA dictates that a student must provide written consent before an institution may disclose personally identifiable information or access to any part of a student’s education records.

Students wishing to provide standing access to one or more parts of their academic information, may submit the Release of Student Information Authorization form in-person to any Student Services office or via their institutional email. If the student would like to grant access to more than one person or agency, separate forms should be submitted. Forms submitted via 3rd party personal email, parents, family members, or spouses will not be accepted.

Released documents contain personally identifiable information from a student’s education record. It is protected by FERPA and may not be re-released or forwarded by the designated recipient to additional 3rd parties without consent of the student.

Please note the following:

    • As this is a standing release, student record information indicated on the submitted form will be made available upon request; OTC will not automatically send information to the third party noted on the form
    • FERPA pertains to the release of records only; it does not give others the right to act on the student’s behalf or to make changes to their record.
    • The consent form does not authorize any third party to access a student’s myOTC student portal, canvas, email, or other password protected institutional accounts.
    • Students should review the consent form carefully and only grant access to the records that they want/need to release to the indicated individual or agency.
    • Digital Signatures are not accepted; the student must provide a written signature.
    • Requestors will be required to provide a photo ID for identity verification before information or records will be released.
    • OTC will not send physical copies of records via email or fax.
    • OTC will not provide FERPA protected information via phone or to a 3rd party personal email.
    • Students and parties granted access should note that not all records are available on demand; recipients should plan to allow up to 1-2 weeks for request fulfillment depending on records requested.
    • Written consent is granted for one year from the date on the submitted form; if a student wishes to revoke granted access before the expiration date, they must provide a signed request to the Registrar’s office revoking said consent.
    • This form is not required for OTC to comply with a judicial order or lawfully issued subpoena, including ex parte orders under the USA Patriot Act
    • The Registrar’s office reserves the right to contact the student to authenticate the student’s signature before disclosing records or information.
    • The Registrar’s office reserves the right to decline to accept a submitted form if we have reason to believe the student is submitting the form under duress or coercion.

Forms may be submitted via:


    • Completed forms may be submitted to from the Student’s institutional email. Accepted only from public agencies or their personnel, legal offices, and verified employers; submissions from 3rd party personal emails will not be accepted.


    • Ozarks Technical Community College
      ATTN: Records & Registration
      1001 E. Chestnut Expressway, Springfield, MO 65802


    • Student Affairs; forms will not be accepted from parents or legal guardians, family members, or spouses.


    • 417-447-6925; accepted only from public agencies or their personnel, legal offices, and verified employers.