After OTC reviews and determines a student has an enrollment history with at least 2 payment periods in which the student didn’t earn any academic credit, they have the option to file an appeal with the Enrollment History Committee.

Steps to Appeal

  1. Confirm your program of study is correct in MyOTC before filing your appeal.
    • If you need to change your program of study, you must do so before completing your degree audit and submitting your appeal.
    • You may update your degree at Change of Program Form.
  2. Plan all your courses on your degree audit through MyOTC.
  3. Complete the appeal form in your Financial Aid Required Documents.
    • The explanation should, in thorough detail, explain the personal or academic reasons you failed to earn any academic credit at the colleges you attended during the review years listed on the appeal form.
    • Submit third party documentation to support the reasons you listed in your appeal.  For example, military deployment orders, death certificate or doctor’s note of illness or hospitalization.
    • Submit by the Financial Aid Appeal Deadline.  Appeals received after the deadline will be reviewed for the upcoming semester and your financial aid status will be updated at the end of the current term.