A+ Advantage Scholarship

The A+ Advantage Scholarship is $500 and pays up to $250 towards unpaid book charges or misc. fees for two semesters. It is non-refundable.


  • The Missouri A+ scholarship must pay your tuition and fees
  • You must have textbooks/supplies from the OTC Bookstore and charge them to your student account or you have miscellaneous fees the A+ program does not cover.
  • You are enrolled full-time in the fall and/or spring semesters. OTC defines full-time as a minimum of:
      • 12 credit hours
      • 6 credit hours for students who have a documented disability and an ADA letter on file with the Financial Aid Office from Disability Support Services
      • You are taking all available hours and the Financial Aid Office approved you as meeting an exception to the full-time rule.

Application periods and the link to the scholarship application can be found on the Scholarships page.