A Consortium Agreement is a written plan between two schools which recognizes a student’s combined enrollment for the purpose of awarding a Pell Grant. Federal regulations mandate Federal Student Aid may only be paid to a student by one institution for the same enrollment period. Consortiums are completed as needed on a semester-by-semester basis. It is the student’s responsibility to initiate the consortium agreement with the Home School.

The student must:

  • Determine which educational institution they will consider as their “Home” school.  Home is defined as the institution at which the student will receive their federal awards and plan to receive their primary degree.
  • Determine which educational institution they will consider as their “Host” school.  Host is defined as the institution at which the student will not receive their federal awards (i.e. Classes will most likely be transferred to the Home school).
  • Make payment arrangements with the Host school since the Home school is not allowed to transfer funds to anyone other than the student.

OTC as the Host School:

Student plans to receive financial aid at the Home (degree-seeking) school, NOT at OTC.

  • Contact the Home school to initiate the Consortium Agreement.
  • The student will not receive financial aid at OTC.
  • The student will need to sign up for a payment plan or pay charges in full by the payment deadline at OTC.
  • The student is responsible for all charges assessed by OTC/Host school, whether or not the course is completed.
  • Agrees to have grades transferred to the Home school at the end of the semester. Request official transcript through myOTC.

OTC as the Home School:

If the class you are taking at the Host school will transfer (meet a needed requirement) into the degree you are seeking at OTC, a consortium agreement may be requested. OTC would be considered your Home school.

But, if you are degree seeking at your other school, they would be considered your Home school and you would need to initiate a consortium agreement there. OTC would be the Host school.

If you determine OTC is your Home school complete the Consortium Agreement Request form and see below.

  1. Terms:
    • This agreement is valid for the consortium between OTC and the Host institution for the purpose of providing financial assistance to the named student.
  2. Enrollment:
    • The student certifies they are:
    • Admitted to OTC as a degree-seeking student.
    • Enrolled in classes at the Host school which are required for their degree completion at OTC and are eligible for credit transfer. Approval is required from your assigned Student Services Success team.
  3. The student agrees to:
    • The student is responsible for submitting a transcript to OTC’s Admissions office within 30 days following the completion of the semester.
    • Any enrollment changes at the Host institution, including course drop/withdrawal, will be reported to financialaid@otc.edu within 15 days of the change.

Tuition and Fees:

  • Under this agreement, OTC serves as the degree-awarding institution. We bill tuition and fees for courses taken at OTC at normal rates. Students are responsible for reviewing their OTC charges and making payment arrangements in myOTC through Student Accounts.
  • OTC will not charge tuition or fees for courses taken at the Host institution. The student is personally responsible for all charges assessed by the Host school and all payment arrangements with the Host school, regardless of whether the student completes the course.

Application of Financial Aid:

  • Financial Aid eligibility, including the return of funds, will be monitored by OTC. This will be applied to OTC fees and the balance will be electronically transferred to the student’s SmartCard.

Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP):

  • SAP will be evaluated in accordance with OTC policy and will include performance at both institutions.
  • Drop/withdrawals from courses under this agreement will be treated as withdrawals from OTC courses.
  • Students are responsible for requesting an official transcript be sent to OTC admissions at the end of each semester.

Deadline to Submit:

  • Individuals must submit consortium agreements, with approval from your assigned Student Success team, to OTC Financial Aid office no later than the 16th calendar day of the semester.

How to Request a Consortium Agreement

To request a consortium agreement with OTC as the Home school.

  1. Register for classes at both the Home and Host schools.
  2. Click Consortium Agreement to access the form.
  3. Complete, print and sign the agreement
  4. Obtain approval from your assigned Student Success team member (signature required or submit via email – *be sure to include the approval email). The student can obtain approval in one of the following ways:
    • Email a request for approval for consortium
      • You must include the course codes from the Host school classes in your email to your assigned Student Success team member.
      • The returned reply regarding approval must be submitted with the consortium agreement request form to Financial Aid at OTC.
    • Meet in-person with your assigned Student Success team member on campus.
  5. Submit completed form and approval in one of the following ways:
    • Mail to
      Ozarks Technical Community College
      Financial Aid
      1001 E. Chestnut Expressway
      Springfield, MO 65802
    • Or email to financialaid@otc.edu
    • Or fax to 417-447-6938

What’s Next?

  • Once we receive request, we will process and send to the Host school for approval signature.
  • Once the consortium agreement is received back from the Host school and attendance has been verified, Pell Grant at OTC will be increased to include payment on the combined credit hours at both schools.
  • *If at any point we determine the course(s) from the Host school will not transfer to OTC:
    • Pell Grant will be adjusted accordingly
    • Student will be notified via OTC email