Deadline Dates

Federal Department of Education Important Dates

2022-2023 FAFSA for OTC semesters: fall 2022, spring 2023, summer 2023

FAFSA available for submission:  October 1, 2021

FAFSA deadline to submit (and received at FAFSA’s processing center either online or by mail):  June 30, 2023

FAFSA correction deadline to include the signature page, notice of change of address or adding or removing a school or to request for a duplicate Student Aid Report (SAR):  September 9, 2023

Valid FAFSA result on file at OTC in order to be considered for Federal Financial Aid (A valid FAFSA result has an official EFC from the U.S. Department of Education):  Student’s last day of enrollment for the 22-23 award year or September 16, 2023, whichever is earlier.


State of Missouri Important Dates

Access Missouri Program

February 1, 2022:  22-23 FAFSA deadline for priority consideration.

Applications received after the priority consideration date through April 1, 2022, by midnight, Central Time will receive consideration until funds are depleted.


OTC Financial Aid Office Important Dates

Early Action Dates:

Know what you will receive in financial aid before the semester begins.

Fall 2022 semester:             May 1, 2022

Spring 2023 semester:        November 1, 2022

Summer 2023 semester:     April 1, 2023

Document Request Dates:

OTC must receive verification documents no later than 120 days after the student’s last date of enrollment for the 2022-2023 award year or September 16, 2023, whichever is earlier.

Although, the Secretary has set this deadline date for the submission of verification documents, if corrections are required, deadline dates for submission of paper or electronic corrections and, for Pell grant applicants and applicants selected for verification, deadline dates for the submission of a valid SAR or valid ISIR to the institution must still be met which is September 9, 2023.

Direct Student Loan Dates:

Student must submit all required documents as shown in your MyOTC student portal, entrance counseling and master promissory note and be enrolled and confirmed attending in enough credit hours to receive a loan by the dates shown.

Fall 2022              December 1, 2022

Spring 2023         May 1, 2023

Summer 2023      July 15, 2023

Satisfactory Academic Appeal Dates: 

Students seeking a review of their financial aid satisfactory academic status, must submit all required data by the dates shown.

Fall 2022                 November 6, 2022

Spring 2023            March 15, 2023

Summer 2023         June 30, 2023

Scholarship Application Open and Close Dates

OTC Institutional Scholarships

Fall 2022:             December 1 – June 1

Spring 2023:         September 1 – November 1

OTC Foundation Scholarships

Fall 2022:             December 1 – June 1

Spring 2023:        September 1 – November 1

Summer 2023:     December 1 – May 1

Missouri’s Other Grants & Scholarships Dates

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