Scholarship Frequently Asked Questions

OTC has both Foundation (provided by donors) or an Institutional (provided by the college itself) scholarships, and you are considered for both types when you apply at OTC’s single scholarship application. Foundation scholarships are provided by private donors and are administered by OTC Foundation staff, whereas Institutional scholarships are provided by the college and administered by Financial Aid Department staff.

How do I apply for scholarships at OTC?

If you haven’t already, start by enrolling at OTC and completing your FAFSA.

Log into the application using your college email address here. There will be four sections of information you need to complete: General Information, Academic Information, Additional Qualifications, and Financial Information. Make sure to complete all sections to the best of your ability.

Our application software will ensure that accurate information from your student profile (GPA, program of enrollment, scheduled credit hours, etc.) is updated automatically, so you do not need to revisit your application after finishing it unless you want to revise your essay.

Where can I find a list of the OTC Institutional Scholarships?

When will I know if I am selected for a scholarship?

Once the application cycle closes, the scholarship reviewing committee will evaluate all applications to consider financial need, essay quality, and other compelling circumstances for all students. This process can take 6-8 weeks. All applicants will be notified via their college email address whether they receive a scholarship or not.

OTC Fall Scholarships

The application period for Fall is December 1 through June 1; awards will be announced to students by July 15.

OTC Spring Scholarships

The application period for Spring is September 1 through November 1; awards will be announced by December 21.

OTC Summer Scholarships

The application period for Summer is December 1 through June 1; awards will be announced by July 1.

If I’m selected, what are the requirements for maintaining my scholarship?

If you receive a scholarship, you will be notified in writing as to whether the award is a Foundation award (provided by donors) or an Institutional award (provided by the college itself).

For students that have been awarded an Institutional scholarship, you need to:

  1. Review the Scholarship Application Disclosure Statement.
  2. Remain enrolled in courses at OTC and maintain the minimum GPA as outlined by your award

For students that are awarded an OTC Foundation scholarship, there are three follow-up actions to complete:

  1. Attend the Scholarship Orientation in-person or watch online
  2. Remain enrolled in courses at OTC and maintain the GPA, program of enrollment, and/or other criteria as outlined by your award
  3. Complete a handwritten thank you note for your donor and submit to the Foundation
  4. Attend the annual Donor Reception in the spring
    • You will be invited and reminded about this event months ahead, and you can learn more about what to expect here.

How can I apply for only the HiSET Transition Scholarship?

You may apply for the HiSET Transition Scholarship here.  However, if you wish to be considered for all scholarships available at OTC, please complete a general scholarship application.


  • Completed the GED/High School Equivalency test within the past twelve (12) months
  • Must be your first time attending any college


Three (3) credit hours
*Fees and books associated with the class are the responsibility of the student

Renewal criteria:

This is a one-time award

Number offered: