Accepted Status

The Pell Grant automatically defaults to Accepted status. Pell Grant disbursement will depend upon your enrollment in classes and whether faculty have verified your attendance.  If the payment results in an overpayment of your account, the Cashiers Office will deposit any credit balance to your OTC SmartCard. You will be notified via email regarding the deposit.

Note: The amount shown MAY NOT be the amount you receive. You will receive an amount according to your enrollment status.  To determine the amount of the Federal Pell Grant, based upon hours enrolled, to be credited to your student account click here.

Denied Status

Denied status indicates you are not eligible for the award.  This may be due to poor academic status, previous financial aid history at OTC or elsewhere. This could also be because the U.S. Department of Education has notified the college of your ineligible status.

Rejected Status

Rejected status indicates you have notified the college that you do not want the award shown.

Sap Ineligible

Sap Ineligible indicates you have not met Satisfactory Academic Progress Standards to receive Federal Student Aid at OTC.  Students must meet certain academic requirements in order to continue receiving financial aid.  Students who are SAP Ineligible may have an appeal option available.  If you attended OTC within the past year and received Federal Student Aid, you will have an email in your OTC email regarding your SAP status following your last semester of attendance at OTC.  If you attended longer than one year ago, you may send an inquiry to State your request for a review of your eligibility for an appeal.  Use the Subject: Appeal Review Request with your email.