A+ Program Financial Aid Status

The dollar amount you see posted in Financial Aid Status by Term will not change.  It is a general amount used for all A+ eligible students.  It is not how much you will receive.  Rather, it is based on a potential award for an out-of-district student who is enrolled in 15 credit hours and what their A+ Program financial aid status might be.

If you want an idea of what A+ will pay for your, specifically, click on Missouri A+ Program and read “How much will A+ pay?” for help.

Estimated Status

Estimated status indicates your FAFSA and high school A+ transcript are on file at OTC.  The estimated dollar amount will not change.  To activate your A+, you must make sure you are enrolled in 12 credit hours (unless you meet an exception to the rule) seeking a degree at OTC.

Accepted Status

Accepted status indicates OTC has verified your full-time attendance. When A+ is at an accepted status, your next step is to monitor QuickPay to view your actual award.

Denied Status

Denied status indicates you are not eligible for the award.  This may be due to poor academic status or less than 12 credit hours for the semester.  The A+ program requires students to have a post high school cumulative grade point average of at least 2.50 to remain eligible for the program.