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Applying to OTC

You will need to apply for admission.  When the application asks for Your Program of Study, please select Non-Degree seeking or NA.GED.  Many students are unsure about their academic career.

Click “Apply Now!” to start the application process.

Now that you’ve been admitted to OTC, we will send one more e-mail to your personal e-mail. This email tells you your USERID and PASSWORD to access your OTC E-mail. We have an excellent resource on how to access your OTC e-mail via your MyOTC account.

OTC considers e-mail an “official” form of communication, so it’s very important that you check your OTC e-mail on a regular basis.  You should get into the habit of checking your OTC E-Mail on a daily basis.

OTC will not accept an e-mail from your personal email account as an official request.  Any official request or business will only be accepted from your OTC e-mail.

Registering for Classes

Register for a Payment Plan 

Students must tell us how they plan to make payment for their classes by signing up for a My Payment Plan on the same day that they register for classes or they will be dis-enrolled from their classes at midnight. Even if you are receiving financial aid or on an A+ scholarship, you must select a Payment Plan.  A student’s registration is not complete until the student signs up for My Payment Plan the same day the student enrolls in classes.

Students must sign up for My Payment Plan on the same day that they register for classes or they will be dis-enrolled from their classes at midnight. A student’s registration is not complete until the student signs up for My Payment Plan the same day the student enrolls in classes.

My Payment Plan will offer three monthly payments for each semester scheduled. Spring payments will be due on February 5th, March 5th and April 5th. Fall payments will be due September 5th, October 5th and November 5th.  Summer payments are due July 5th and August 5th.  Signing up for My Payment Plan the same day that the student registers is necessary to ensure that their registration is complete.

Refunds for dropped courses are only available during the tuition refund period. View our Tuition Refund policy and dates.

For More Information

Payment Information
Tuition Payment Deadlines
Tuition and fees
Tuition Refund

Payment arrangements must be made every semester.



Get Your Student ID

If you are a student at any campus or center within the OTC college system, you are required to have an OTC SmartCard. The OTC SmartCard will be sent to the physical address you have on record with OTC.

The OTC SmartCard serves two major purposes. First, it serves as your official student ID to be used on campus and will have your student ID number and photo on it. Second, it provides options when it comes to receiving your student account refunds.

Are you taking all online classes and don’t live near an OTC location? If so, you can request a “no-photo” OTC SmartCard.

You will need to select your refund preferences and to activate your card.


To get your OTC SmartCard, please visit one of the following locations.  They will take your picture and order your card which you will then receive in the US Mail. 

  • Springfield Campus: OTC Bookstore
  • Table Rock Campus: Student Services
  • Lebanon Campus: Student Services
  • Waynesville Campus: Student Services
  • Richwood Valley Campus: Student Services
Things To Do Before Classes Start
Driving to campus? Unlike many colleges, OTC does not require students to purchase a parking permit, but please make sure to register your vehicle with OTC Safety & Security before the semester starts! Registering your vehicle allows OTC Safety & Security to contact you in the event of an emergency, incident, or accident involving the vehicle.

More Information about OTC Safety & Security 

Below are the locations and phone numbers for the OTC Safety & Security:

  • Springfield Campus: 417.447.6911 – 1001 E. Chestnut Exp., Room IC208, Springfield, MO
  • Richwood Valley Campus: 417. 447.7861 – 3369 West Jackson, Nixa, MO
  • Table Rock Campus: 417.447.8943 – 10698 Historic Highway 165, Hollister, MO
  • Lebanon Center: 417.447.6689 – 22360 Highway MM, Lebanon, MO
  • Waynesville Center: 417.447.6640 – 600 GW Lane, Waynesville, MO

OTC Safety & Security Hours:     

Monday through Friday 8:00 am to 5:00 pm

Once you have registered for classes, you may want to take a Tour of campus to locate where your classes will be taught.

Every class begins with a good book.  Stop by the campus bookstore to get all the materials for your class.

Visit the OTC Bookstore in person or online. If you purchase your books online, click Student Charge Info, and read the important information before making your purchase. New and used books may be purchased on-campus or online.

You need to have your course schedule, course number and section number to find the right books.

Books may be returned for a full or partial refund based on certain criteria. View the book Return Policy.

If you need books on tape or e-text, please contact Disability Support Services  to register and request services.

For More Information

OTC Bookstore Hours and Locations

Enable Text Messaging

There’s a lot to accomplish before Day 1 of class, but we can help by reminding you about the really important stuff.

  • Click on “My Profile” at the top of your Navigate home page.
  • Add your cell phone number to your profile and type in the confirmation code when you receive the text message from Navigate.
  • Click “Notification Settings” on the top right and select Text Messages and Email for reminders about really important stuff.

OTC E-Mail

Now that you’ve been admitted to OTC, we will no longer send any communications to your personal e-mail account.  OTC considers e-mail an “official” form of communication, so it’s very important that you check your OTC e-mail on a regular basis.  During busy times of the year, you should be checking it daily!  Notifications about missing items, registration reminders, and information on campus events are only a few of the many things sent to your OTC e-mail account.

To access your OTC E-mail account, start by logging into myOTC

You can view instructions to set up your e-mail on your phone by following the directions located in the left-hand menu, selecting ‘Helpful Resources’ then ‘Student IT resources’ in myOTC.


From time to time there may be an emergency on-campus (such as a snow day!) and you will want to know about.  The easiest way is to sign-up for emergency notifications.

You may Sign-up through myOTC. Using the left-hand menu, select ‘Helpful Resources’ then ‘OTC Emergency Notification

We have numerous resources here at OTC to help you be successful during your time here.  We have no way of knowing you need assistance unless you tell us you need assistance.

Please visit any of these resources when you have a question or would like some additional assistance.  You may also see an academic advisor or stop by the student services area on your campus for any question or concern.

Many professors use Canvas to post important class announcements, assignments and grades. Access this by clicking on the Canvas tab in myOTC.

Each of your classes will have a Canvas site that your instructor will use to post course information.  The Canvas Course Site opens on the date specified in the Academic Calendar.  You should take some time before the semester starts to check out your syllabus so you can know what to expect in your course..

Last Updated: 06/14/2019

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