Transferring Credits from an Approved, Accredited Institution to OTC

OTC evaluates all coursework completed at another college or university accredited by an approved accrediting association. The United States Department of Education must recognize these associations for accreditation. A list of those agencies is available on the Council for Higher Education Accreditation website. Of the institutions on that site, only those currently listed as “Regional Accrediting Organizations” are accepted.  Only courses which include attempted or completed hours and a final grade, and are at the college level (100 – 500) will be evaluated. Courses that have been repeated at that institution and courses that have a W (withdrawn) grade will not be evaluated.

Students must complete coursework at the institution after it received accreditation or during the time the institution granted it candidacy status for accreditation from one of the above accrediting associations.

Students must submit official transcripts from all regionally accredited colleges/universities attended. They must also submit advanced Placement and CLEP Test transcripts for evaluation. All college transcripts must be submitted prior to the student attending their second semester here at OTC.

Level 1 Appeal Process

In order to have a previously evaluated course(s) re-evaluated, we require the student to provide supporting documentation in addition to the official transcript.

  • Students should contact the academic department that taught each course at the institution attended to obtain appropriate documentation (course description, syllabus, etc.).
  • Once collected, please forward all information to OTC will then forward the documentation to the appropriate Department Head or Dean for evaluation.
  • OTC will notify the student of the results within 2-3 weeks of receiving the supporting documentation from the student.

For OTC to consider an appeal, the additional documentation should include:

  • Cover letter or email listing the desired degree program and a list of courses the student requests for evaluation
  • Copy of the course syllabus from the semester the student took the course(s)  for each course the student wishes OTC to evaluate
  • Course description from the semester the student took the course

Level 2 Appeal Process

If a student is still unsatisfied with how the course was evaluated, they may contact the Student Ombudsman in the Academic Affairs office:

  • Office: Information Commons East; Room 243B; Springfield Campus
  • Phone: (417) 447-7435
  • Email:

Last Updated: 03/28/2022