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Visiting Student

If you are a visiting student, follow this application process and get started at OTC today!

Apply for Admission

Fill out the free application online.

What is a visiting student? Find out here.

For important date information, click here.

Financial Aid and Transcripts

Visiting students are not eligible for financial aid or required to provide official transcripts for admissions as they are not required to meet course requisites. However, if a visiting student would like to submit official transcripts they will be evaluated.

For more information, click here.

Complete the online Orientation. Orientation is a great way to learn what to expect when you arrive at OTC. Learn about the cost and payment options, financial aid and much more. Login to MyOTC to start your orientation.

Register for Classes

Once your admissions application has been processed (approximately 1 business day) you will be able to register for classes online in your MyOTC account under the AccessOTC tab. Visiting students are responsible for ensuring they meet all prerequisites for the classes in which they enroll and for confirming the classes will transfer back to their home institution.

You will find information on how to log into your MyOTC account here.
You will find information on how to register online here.
You will find registration dates here.

Change of Schedule? Add, Drop and Withdraw

Make Tuition Payment Arrangements
  • Option 1: Pay your tuition in full by using Quikpay to make an immediate payment.
  • Option 2: Enroll in a My Payment Plan
    • MyPay – Monthly – Pre-authorized payments deducted monthly from your designated bank account or credit card.

Login to your MyOTC and select the student accounts tab. Click on the payment options button to proceed.

*This will open up the log in page for your MyOTC.

Purchase Your Textbooks

In MyOTC use the My Booklist link to view the textbooks and required supplies for your classes. Use the Reserve Textbook Information link to reserve your textbooks for quick pick up at the OTC Bookstore. (Available during fall and spring semesters only)

Students that set up a My Payment Plan are able to charge their books to their student account.

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