Early Start Admission Process

Apply for Admission

If you are a returning student with an OTC username and password, contact admissions@otc.edu to request your account is updated to Early Start. 

Otherwise, apply via the process below and remember to select EarlyStart within the application.

We’ve made applying to OTC a fast and easy process requiring only two steps:

  • Create your OTC account
  • Complete the OTC Application for Admission

You will need to have access to a non-OTC email account (Gmail, Yahoo, etc.) that you can use until your first semester starts, so we don’t recommend using a parent’s email or your high school email account.

If you have questions about Early Start, contact explore@otc.edu 

Request Official Transcripts

College Transcripts
If you previously completed college credit (including dual credit), contact all previously attended colleges to have official transcripts sent to OTC:

Admissions Office
Ozarks Technical Community College
1001 E. Chestnut Expressway
Springfield, MO 65802

Click here to see how college credits from another institution transfer to OTC.

High School Transcripts
If you are currently in high school, send your transcript after graduation.

Guided Self-Placement

Unlike most colleges, OTC does not require you to take a placement test to determine which entry-level English and math courses you should take. Instead, you are allowed to choose which courses are right for you.

We know this is a big decision, and we are here to help! Check out our Guided Self Placement website to find the right courses for you. This site will ask you some basic questions, and will then give you specific course recommendations based on your goals, skills, and motivation.

Completion of Guided Self Placement is required prior to completing Orientation to help you get enrolled in the right courses.

Complete Orientation

OPTION #1:  On-Campus or Zoom Orientation:

Orientation is a meeting with an Admissions Counselor who will walk you through all the steps in the enrollment process for the upcoming term and assist with registration for classes.

Orientation is required before registering for classes.

Sign Up for Orientation – In-Person or Zoom

OPTION #2: Online Orientation: 

Would you prefer to complete orientation at your own pace on a schedule that works for you? Online orientation may be the best fit. After completing the self-paced orientation course, an Admissions Counselor will review your course plan and work with you to make sure you are ready for classes.

Enroll in Online Orientation.

*You will need your myOTC login information to enroll in Online Orientation.

Register for a Payment Plan

Early Start students are not eligible for Financial Aid.

All OTC students, regardless of how they plan to pay for their classes, must sign up for a payment plan the same day they register for classes by midnight.

Need more information?  Visit our Student Account Services Website.  This website will explain the process, provide instructions to complete your payment plan, show you payment due dates, and provide contact information if you need assistance.

Bottom line – if you don’t sign up for your payment plan the same day you register for your classes, we will cancel your registration and you will need to register again.

Purchase Textbooks

Every class begins with a good book.  OTC is providing books in two ways – AutoAccess and traditional textbooks.  Our AutoAccess program has saved OTC students over 3.4 million dollars in its first year!

If your class provides course materials through the AutoAccess program, you will see that on the course description when you register for the class.  Those materials will automatically be loaded into your course canvas site before the course sites, and the charges will automatically be added to your OTC student account.

Course materials can be viewed through your personalized Booklist.  Supplies and printed course materials can be purchased In-Store OR ordered online for Campus Pick-Up or Ship to Home.