If you are enrolling at OTC through our Corporate Partnership, you will be taking classes approved by your employer. This checklist will help you navigate these processes to make admissions as easy as possible. It will also help you access resources you may not have thought to look for such as your OTC E-mail and emergency notifications. If you have any questions not answered here, please contact us. We hope your time at OTC is productive and enjoyable.


Once you have been admitted to OTC, we will send information regarding additional steps on your checklist to your non-OTC email address.  However, information about your classes and your academic record can only be sent to your OTC email address.

Like all colleges and universities, OTC considers e-mail the “official” form of communication with students.  We may also call or text you, but the most important information will always be sent to your OTC email address.  Now is a great time to get access to your OTC email so you can start checking it daily and not miss any important messages!


  • As a corporate student, you and your employer have already discussed the career path that your classes will follow.  OTC will register you for the appropriate section and arrange for your employer to handle payment.You can find the details for your class, including dates, times, and room numbers in your MyOTC account.


The first step after applying to OTC was to start using your OTC email.  Have you checked it yet?

If you haven’t done it yet, now is the time!!  Don’t miss out on important information.  Start checking your OTC email!

Do you have the technology you need to start classes?  A smart phone can definitely be helpful, but it is not the best educational tool!  All OTC campus locations have open computer labs, and we encourage you to use them.   Experienced students tell us it is difficult to complete assignments on time without easy access to a personal laptop or home computer connected to reliable, high speed internet access.  Be sure you have the technology tools you need to be successful.

If you are interested in getting a computer to assist you with classes, check out our Student Computer Recommendations website.

Looking for a good deal on technology?  Try the OTC Bookstore!

Driving to campus?  Unlike many colleges, OTC does not require students to purchase a parking permit, but please make sure to register your vehicle with OTC Safety and Security before the semester starts!  Registering your vehicle allows OTC Safety and Security to contact you in the event of an emergency, incident, or accident involving the vehicle. Submit the Vehicle Registration Form to register your vehicle.

OTC Safety and Security provide many services for students including escorting students to their vehicles in the evening, jumpstarting vehicles, responding to medical emergencies, and more.  For more information about OTC Safety and Security, visit our Safety and Security website.

Add Safety and Security to your Phone!

If you ever need to contact Safety and Security, it would be good to have it as a contact on your phone!  Here are the phone numbers for the Safety and Security office at each of our campus locations:

  • Springfield Campus:417-447-6911
  • Richwood Valley Campus: 417-447-7861
  • Table Rock Campus: 417-447-8943
  • Lebanon Center: 417-447-6689
  • Republic Center: 417-447-7418
  • Waynesville Center: 417-447-6640

Now that you have registered for classes, you may want to learn more about campus.  Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, we have moved to an online tour format.  Visit our Campus Tours Website to learn more about all the OTC campuses and centers.

If your class provides course materials through the Auto Access program, those materials will automatically be loaded into your course canvas site before the course starts and the charges will automatically be added to your OTC student account.

If your course requires printed course materials, we will work with your employer to make sure you have them.

If there is an emergency on campus, or we have a snow day, you will definitely want to know before you leave work!  The easiest way to be alerted regarding campus closings or emergencies is to sign up for emergency notifications.

You can sign up in myOTC on the OTC Emergency Notification page.

Let’s face it – college can be challenging; especially when life gets in the way. You may run into roadblocks during your time at OTC, but we have your back!  Check out our Student Support Services website.  You can schedule an appointment with various offices, call someone for immediate assistance, or explore all the different offices and services we offer OTC students.  We also have live chat operators on most of our websites, and OBot, our virtual assistant, can answer many of your questions.

And if you are one of the lucky people who are at work before 6 am, we even have someone to triage issues for you that early in the day.  If you don’t yet know who that is, email and we’ll get you connected.

Instructors at OTC use Canvas to post important class announcements, course materials, assignments, and grades. Online courses are run entirely through Canvas.

Canvas sites for each course open 3-5 days prior to the start of the semester so you can go in and look around.  Some students will read through the syllabus and get a feel for the course before it even starts!  Others wait until the first day of classes, which is ok too.  You can access your course canvas site in myOTC by clicking on the Canvas link at the top of the page, or by logging directly into canvas on the myOTC login page.

Need Canvas support?  We’ve got you covered!  Just visit our OTC Online Department.


If you have finished your OTC classes and want to transfer them to another college or university, or if you need to send your official transcript to your employer, you will need to request an Official OTC Transcript.  Official Transcripts can be ordered by following the instructions on our Transcript Requests website.

Just want an unofficial copy of your OTC transcript for your own records, or want to see what it looks like?  While other colleges and universities will NOT accept an unofficial transcript, you can view and print one in myOTC on your Unofficial Transcript page.