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Discrimination or Harassment

Any member of the campus community who feels as thought they have been the target of harassment or discrimination based on his or her status as a protected class (age, ethnicity, religion, disability, etc.) has the right to file a complaint under the college’s Anti-Harassment, Anti-Discrimination Grievance Procedures.

The following resources provide additional information regarding Title IX-related concerns.

OTC Resources:

Local Resources:

State and National Resources:

Apps for Personal Safety (smart phone)

(This information is presented for your review only.  OTC does not endorse or recommend any particular personal safety devices or apps.)


Under Title IX, students who are pregnant or who may have just become parents are entitled to equal access to educational programs and activities.  Federal law requires schools to excuse medically-necessary, pregnancy-related absence and offer other accommodations for pregnant students. To discuss your options as a pregnant/parenting student at OTC, it is recommended that you contact the Title IX office as early into the semester as possible.

Below are additional resources that pregnant/parenting students may find helpful:

Campus and community resources:

National Resources:

OTC Counseling Services is here to assist you!

Should you need any off-campus assistance, please check out the additional information on the OTC Counseling Services web page as well as the resources listed below. The list below is not all-inclusive, but we hope it will help you get started.


State & National


Students found responsible for violations of OTC’s Sexual Misconduct policy have the right to appeal the findings.