Welcome to OTC Counseling Services.
Our staff is dedicated to providing numerous supportive services for the campus community. These services include confidential, in-person and distance counseling for a variety of issues such as test anxiety, depression, relationship conflict, grief and stress management. We also provide classroom presentations and prevention outreach events on a variety of mental-health and wellness topics. Explore our website or call 417-447-6974 for more resources and information.



Thursday, October 6, 2016

OTC Counseling Services is again a sponsor in this national event.  Employees, students and community members are welcome to obtain literature by clicking on the “important links” section of the Counseling Services website .

Additionally, you can complete an anonymous, online screening through the Counseling Services website.
This link is available all year as well.

Counselors will be available from 9:00am-3:00pm on the Springfield Campus this day if you would like to speak in-person with someone about the results of your online screening or contact our office to set up an appointment that is convenient for your schedule.  For those at our other OTC locations, please contact our main office at 417-447-6974 to speak to a counselor or through the office at the location where you attend classes.