My application to OTC has been accepted. Now what?

What should you do after acceptance and before arrival? After OTC has accepted you as an international student, there are still several important steps you will need to take before arriving in the U.S. Use the checklist below to ensure that you are ready!

Review your Certificate of Eligibility

Please review your Certificate of Eligibility, also known as the I-20 form, to be sure you have met all eligibility requirements.

Pay the SEVIS Fee

The U.S. government requires the payment of a non-refundable $200 SEVIS fee for all international students before issuing a visa. The two methods of payment include: (1) electronically completing a Form I-901 obtained from website, using a credit card and (2) through the mail by submitting the Form I-901 with a check or money order drawn on a US bank and payable in US currency. Go to for more information concerning SEVIS.

Prospective students must submit the fee at least three business days before the scheduled visa interview either electronically or by mail to the U.S. Department of Homeland Security address listed on the Form I-901. Students should bring a paper receipt (Form I-797) with them to the visa interview.

Apply for your Visa

You should apply for a student visa at the US Embassy or Consulate that represents your country.

Review Required Insurance Information

To make sure that you are able to cover any medical expenses, OTC requires that all international students purchase the insurance plan provided through the college. OTC will charge all F-1 students for this insurance on their OTC student account when they enroll for any number of credit hours.  To see information regarding Springfield area hospitals, click here.

Obtain Proper Immunization Records

Obtain copies of your immunization records demonstrating proof of vaccination for measles (rubeola), mumps and rubella (MMR) and bring these records with you to the U.S. The IP office will copy the documents for your file. If you are going to renew your MMR vaccine at home, please have it done at least six weeks prior to your arrival at OTC. A negative TB test obtained within the United States must be on file with OTC before OTC will authorize you to enroll in classes. TB skin tests are valid for exactly 12 months. TB chest X-rays are valid for five years. If expired, you must retest before enrolling. Bring your immunization records with you to OTC.

Review all of the Port of Entry to the U.S. Information Available Here

Make your Housing Arrangements

It is your responsibility to make housing arrangements either before or after you arrive in Springfield. In order to avoid any unpleasant renting experience, you should carefully consider the overall condition of a residence and location when you look for a place to live. Be aware that rent differs depending on the conditions of the apartment or house you choose.

Ozarks Technical Community College has a website to help you to find off-campus housing:

Be sure to also make temporary accommodations if necessary.

Make your Travel Arrangements

You will need to arrange your own flight and transportation to OTC. Be sure to arrive in time for International Student Orientation. Please refer to the communication from the International Programs Office (IPO) at OTC to verify the date(s) for the International Student Orientation.

Find out More about Springfield

There’s lots to love about our town. You can learn more about Springfield history, shopping, dining and more on the city’s website.

Springfield, MO Promotional Video

You can also find information on living in Springfield in OTC’s International Student Welcome Guide.