Image says Engage OTC.

Engage OTC is a violence prevention program that aims to provide accessible opportunities for students, faculty, and staff to build skills in being an engaged community member, intervening in potentially harmful situations to keep our campus and community safer, and fostering a culture of care and inclusion.

How can I get Involved?

Be on the lookout for upcoming Engage OTC participation opportunities on the OTC Events Calendar!

Engage OTC offers 1-hour Overviews for students and employees as well as 1.5-hour Deep Dives on the topics of interpersonal violence, substance use, mental health, and bias and discrimination.

Contact the Engage OTC Team at to request an Overview or Deep Dive for your class or student group. We are happy to present in-person or virtually at any OTC campus or education center. We also have a 30-minute online training that you can take by clicking the link below!