What is an Unofficial Transcript?

The OTC unofficial transcript details all transfer and institutional credit completed, grades for OTC courses, credit hours and grade point average.  The unofficial transcript is similar to the official transcript but has not been verified as “official” by the Registrar.  Unofficial transcripts are for informational purposes only, and should never be sent to outside entities in place of an official transcript.  Employers and other colleges and universities will not accept an unofficial transcript to transcribe transfer credit or verify degrees completed.

Why are there two versions of the Unofficial Transcript in myOTC?

OTC currently provides students with two different versions of the Unofficial Transcript:

Undergraduate Level – Basic Transcript

This version of the unofficial transcript is similar to what is printed on the official transcript.  However, this version of the transcript is still considered unofficial because it has not been verified by the Registrar.  This version replaces grades for all transfer credit with T – Transfer and does not calculate a Transfer GPA or a Combined Cumulative GPA.  

Undergraduate Level – Detailed Transcript

This version of the unofficial transcript provides more detailed information regarding transfer credit.  Transfer credit on this version of the transcript show the actual grade earned in each course.  Additionally, the GPA summary at the end of the transcript displays the following three GPA calculations:

  • OTC Cumulative GPA: This GPA combines all college-level credit completed at OTC, and does not include any transfer credit.
  • Transfer GPA: This GPA combines all transfer credit into one transfer GPA.  The transfer GPA does not include any OTC credit.
  • Combined Cumulative GPA: This GPA combines all college-level credit completed at OTC and other institutions into one overall combined cumulative GPA.

Access to Unofficial Transcripts

Current OTC students can access a copy of their unofficial transcript in myOTC in the student planning menu.  Prior OTC students can come to any OTC location with a photo ID to obtain a printed copy of their unofficial transcript.  If a prior student cannot come to an OTC location, they can request an official transcript by following the instructions on the transcript requests website.

Repeated Courses – Why don’t the numbers add up?

When viewing a semester that includes a course that was repeated, you may notice the semester and cumulative totals don’t add up.  That’s intentional.  The semester totals are static – they never change.  The cumulative totals will change if courses are repeated.  In the example below, during the Fall 2011 semester the student completed 6 cumulative hours, and a 3-hour course was repeated spring 2012 (AGR-100 was repeated and is notated by “*repeated 1/15/2012” and 0.00 in both attempted and earned columns).  As a result, the repeated course is included in the semester totals but not in the cumulative totals for Fall 2011.  Instead, it will be included in the cumulative totals for the semester it was repeated – in this example spring 2012.

F and NP Grades transferred to OTC prior to Fall 2016

OTC changed the transfer credit policy regarding Failed (F) and Not Passed (NP) grades, effective with transcripts received 8/1/2016.  Prior to that date, F and NP grades were ignored on transcripts from other institutions.  Starting fall 2016, F and NP grades were evaluated regardless of the semester completed in order to calculate a transfer and combined cumulative GPA for students.  Students who submitted official transcripts prior to 8/1/2016 who know they have F or NP grades on their transcript can request a re-evaluation in order to calculate a correct Combined Cumulative GPA by contacting transcripteval@otc.edu.


Last reviewed: 09/24/2019