There are four ways courses are taught at OTC: Face-to-Face, Online, Live-Virtual Learning, and Hybrid modalities. It is important that you understand which course modalities you are registering for when building your course schedule. Every student learns differently, so make sure to choose courses that fit your schedule and study habits.

Students in classroom with instructor


Face-to-face courses are taught at an OTC location by an instructor in a designated room and at a designated time with all students present. Of the four modalities offered at OTC, this is the most traditional method for attending classes.

Student outside with laptop


Online courses allow a student to manage their time to complete class material and assignments in a virtual environment. All online classes require a proctored event that is completed virtually or at an approved physical location.

In classroom or virtually

Live Online

Live Online Learning provides students the opportunity to take classes in a variety of ways. The instructor will teach from one OTC location; students can attend face-to-face at that location, at another designated location, or attend virtually from anywhere in the world via Teams.


Mix of in classroom and online


Hybrid courses at OTC include a combination of face-to-face and online class content and material. The face-to-face components are scheduled for specific dates and times at a designated location and are supplemented by an online learning component.