Guidelines for Repeating a Course

Students may repeat courses with earned grades to allow a student to improve his/her grade point average. Once a student repeats the class, the new grade replaces the previous grade in the grade point average. If a student elects to repeat a course, the grade earned from the final attempt of the course is the final grade, even if that grade is lower than the previous attempt. The transcripts will show all previous attempts as a repeated course and will not include them in the semester or cumulative grade point average calculations.  Students may use transfer credits to repeat courses.

*Please note that some selective admission Allied Health programs may limit the number of times a student can repeat a course for admission to the program. Students should check with the Allied Health Division for more details.

Repeating with a different course

This form is used to request permission to use a different course to replace the grade in a previously completed course OR to request permission to repeat a course beyond the maximum limit.

To access the form click here.

Once you have completed the form, please forward it to the appropriate Department Chair for processing. If you have any questions please contact us via e-mail at or by phone at 417-447-6920.

Repeat Coursework Policy

OTC Repeat Policy
There are limitations to the number of times Federal Student Aid will pay for repeated coursework.  Please visit the financial aid website for details.


Last Reviewed: 01/25/21