At OTC, we think changing your program of study is a big deal! Not only will it change your career path, but it can have a variety of effects on your progress at OTC including:

  • Changing your semester of graduation
  • Changing how prior coursework applies to your degree program
  • Changing Your eligibility for Financial Aid, especially if currently on a Financial Aid Appeal

OTC has many different certificate and degree programs, and sometimes the differences between the types of certificates and degrees can be confusing. Because we consider changing your Program of Study a major life event, we require you meet with someone at OTC to discuss this change to make sure you are making an informed decision.

Are you new to OTC?

Students who have not yet registered for their first semester at OTC can change their program when attending Orientation or when meeting with an Advisor/Navigator. You can schedule either of those options by clicking going to your Admissions Checklist and clicking on “Complete Orientation or Academic Advising”.

Are you still exploring other degree options?

If you aren’t sure if you want to change your program of study, you have some other options:

  • You can run a “what-if” degree audit on any program to see how your courses will apply to another degree. More information can be found on our degree audit website.
  • You can meet with your assigned Academic Advisor to discuss options and review what-if audits.
  • You can contact our Career Services office to schedule an appointment to talk about career options, take career assessment inventories or explore career resources.

I’m ready to change my program of study.  How do I do it? 

All students are required to meet with an Advisor/Navigator prior to making a change to their program of study.  In most cases, you will need to meet with an Advisor/Navigator for the program you want to pursue at OTC, not the program you are currently in.

There are two ways to schedule an appointment:

Our staff is happy to help you schedule an appointment with the correct Advisor/Navigator.  They will ask you a few questions to determine the best person for you to meet with, and then will schedule an in-person, phone or zoom appointment for you.

To determine who you need to meet with, please complete the following questions.