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What is Academic Probation?

When a student’s OTC cumulative GPA falls below 2.00, the Registrar’s Office will place the student on Academic Probation.  This serves as a warning that your grades need to improve so you can successfully complete your degree program.  OTC requires students on Academic Probation to meet with their assigned advisor each semester they are on probation and are not allowed to go into overload status until their OTC cumulative GPA reaches a 2.00.

Note: academic probation is not the same as Financial Aid Probation. Please contact if OTC places you on Financial Aid Probation or if you have any questions about financial aid.

The good news? You have a “second chance” to do well in classes!  We are confident that if you are willing to work hard and seek assistance, your chances of success can improve greatly! You can raise your grade point average by retaking certain courses and enrolling in a lighter course load. Please contact your assigned advisor to discuss your options.

OTC resources available to you:

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