Project Respect

What is Respect?

Understanding what respect means is the first step to having productive relationships with others. Project Respect asks students, staff and faculty to keep the following definitions and rules in mind when interacting with others:


  1. Respect is having due regard for the feelings, wishes, rights, or traditions of others.
  2. Harassment is the aggressive pressure or intimidation of another.
  3. Sexual Harassment is harassment in a workplace or other professional or social situation, involving the making of unwanted sexual advances or obscene remarks.

The Rules of Respect Include

  1. Be conscious of the boundaries and beliefs of others.
  2. Understand that not everyone agrees on everything. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, including you.
  3. Practice the Golden Rule: treat others the way you would want to be treated. Better yet, practice the Platinum Rule: treat others the way they want to be treated.
  4. Be aware of how your behavior can be seen by others. Review whether or not what you are doing may offend someone else.
  5. Be sure to document/write down any information that you can use to report any harassment going on around campus.
  6. If you see someone who is a victim of harassment or is being disrespected, don’t be afraid to speak up. Bystanders have the ability to make the biggest change. Note the phone numbers of resources on campus that you can use to report harassment.