Digital Responsibility


  1. Digital Citizenship is applying the norms of appropriate responsible behavior with regard to technology use.
  2. Netiquette is the correct or acceptable way of communicating on the internet.

How Can You Practice Netiquette?

  1. Respect others and their opinions: Remember that humans users compose the internet, and we are all entitled to our opinion
  2. Tone down your language: Remember sarcasm does not always translate through the computer
  3. Consider others’ privacy: Do not repost friends posts without first asking permission
  4. Think before you hit send: Always check for typos and always be conscious of how others can perceive your post
  5. Avoid Inappropriate Material: Do not share or post material that can be deemed inappropriate

If you feel someone is not being digitally responsible, you should:

  1. Address the issue with the poster if you’re comfortable. If this is not an option, report it to the page administrator/webmaster
  2. Contact the authorities if further action is necessary.
  3. File a BIT Report on the OTC Cares web page,, in order to notify the Behavioral Intervention Team of the situation


Madison Area Technical College – Online Etiquette Guide