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What is a Visiting Student?

Students with a Visiting Student admit status are currently enrolled at another college or university and plan to take a limited number of courses at OTC.  Visiting Students do not plan to pursue a degree at OTC and are not seeking financial aid at OTC.

Visiting Students must acknowledge the following:

  • I am acting as my own advisor, and I am aware of my course requirements.
  • I am responsible for ensuring I meet all prerequisites for the classes in which I enroll and for confirming the classes will transfer back to my home institution.
  • I am responsible for accessing my MyOTC login information and enabling my account.
  • I am responsible for adhering to all registration, academic and payment deadlines published on the OTC website.
  • I am not eligible for financial aid disbursements or the A+ scholarship at OTC.
  • I am required to obtain an OTC Smart Card.

If a Visiting Student wishes to attend OTC as a degree-seeking student and potentially receive financial aid, they may email the request a Petition for Change of Admit Status form and complete the admissions process for their new student type at Getting Started.

If you are currently degree-seeking and wish to change your admit status to visiting, please complete the Petition for Change of Admit Status form. This form may be dropped off at any Student Services location or emailed to

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