The visiting student is not seeking a degree at OTC and has either completed a degree from or is currently attending another college or university. Students who have not attended college previously should refer to the Getting Started steps for first-time students.  Students who have attended OTC in the past and plan to seek a degree at OTC should refer to the Getting Started steps for re-admitted students.

Visiting Students must acknowledge the following:

  • I am acting as my own advisor and I am aware of my degree and course requirements.
  • I am responsible for ensuring I meet all prerequisites for the classes in which I enroll and for confirming the classes will transfer back to my home institution.
  • I am responsible for accessing my MyOTC login information and enabling my account.
  • I am responsible for adhering to all registration, academic and payment deadlines published on the OTC website.
  • I am not eligible for financial aid disbursements or the A+ scholarship at OTC.
  • I am required to obtain an OTC Smart Card.
  • I will be required to complete the admissions process and the Petition for Change of Admit Status, should I decide to switch my OTC status from Visiting to degree-seeking.