What is directory information?

Directory information is the information the College is able to release regarding a student unless the student requests it not to be released. Directory information includes:

Student name

Mailing address

Major field of study

Academic classification (freshman/sophomore)

Part-time or full-time status

Participation in recognized activities and photos

Dates of attendance

Degrees and certificates

Matriculation and withdrawal dates

Memberships in national honor societies

Awards and honors

Inclusion of an individual in a group photo

Implications of Denying Directory Information

If the student objects to the release of directory information, the student may deny the release of directory information by notifying the Registrar in writing.  Requests for non-disclosure will be honored until written notice is received from the student to remove the request for non-disclosure.  Please note the implications of denying the release of directory information: If a perspective employer, loan company, family member, etc., inquire about a student, they will be informed that OTC has no record of that student.  If the student calls or tries to obtain information without a picture ID he or she will be told OTC has not recorded of him or her.

Deny/Release Directory Information

Students may deny directory information or revoke and existing request to deny directory information via fax, mail or in-person by written request.  Please read, complete and return the following form:  Request to Deny/Release Directory Information

Scan and e-mail the document to studentservices@otc.edu.
This must be done from your student OTC e-mail account.


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