Administrative Withdrawal Guidelines

Administrative withdrawal occurs if a student does not attend a seated course or fails to participate in an online course for 14 consecutive calendar days. After this, instructors will withdraw them from the course. A student may request re-enrollment in the course by contacting their instructor. Only the instructor may determine if the student may re-enroll.

Students should be aware that an administrative withdrawal may reduce the amount of financial aid they receive and could necessitate repayment of aid already received. It does not relieve their obligation to pay all tuition and fees due to the college. These factors could result in delaying their graduation. Please direct all questions regarding the policy to your instructor.

Students should also be aware that to facilitate proper financial aid disbursement, instructors will withdraw any student who has never attended a class by the date set for roster verification, which may result in a withdrawal prior to the 14th consecutive calendar day.

2.64 Administrative Withdrawal Policy

Last Updated: 11/15/2023