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Tuition Assistance


Tuition Assistance (TA) provides 100% tuition assistance for students with 10 years or less of military service; for students with 10 to 17 years of service, it covers 50% of tuition. The Missouri National Guard will pay tuition at the rate of $245.60 per credit hour. The program covers up to 39 credit hours per year (15 credit hours for fall/15 credit hours for spring/9 credit hours for summer).


State TA is available to all Army National Guard members and pays for tuition only for schools approved for Missouri State Tuition Assistance.

Additional Requirements

  • All Army members MUST APPLY for and exhaust their Federal TA before State TA is awarded.
  • Applicants must maintain a cumulative grade point average of 2.5. Failure to maintain the grade point average will result in academic probation for the next semester. Should the grade point average remain below the 2.5 level, the program will deny the student any further State TA until achieving the required grade point average.
  • Students may not use State TA to obtain a degree in theology or divinity.
  • Students may only use State TA to obtain their first undergraduate degree.
  • Soldiers must remain in an active military status for the semester/session for which they are receiving educational assistance. Failure to maintain active status will result in the recoupment.
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