Job Search Websites

While there are possibly thousands of websites promising you the perfect job, many are filled with jobs that are not legitimate. It is important to find a position that gives you an honest wage for an honest day’s work at an appropriate job location. Most often, work-from-home or other similar job postings are more likely to require a financial risk up front or an initial outlay to purchase products you don’t want or need. Few of these opportunities offer full salary with benefits.

Read an online job posting carefully. The option to apply in person, email a resume or call someone for more information is preferable to simply applying online. When connecting with potential employers, remember to be as personable, professional and pleasantly persistent as possible. If you find few job postings in your industry, it doesn’t necessarily mean that there are no jobs available. It may simply indicate your need to learn more about the process of networking and researching companies in your industry or field of interest.

Links to Job Search Websites

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Below are links to some of the Springfield area major employers in the education, financial, government, healthcare, insurance, manufacturing, religion, retail, telecommunications, transportation and utility industries.