OTCCares Information

Read the following OTCCares information to learn more about how OTC works to improve health and safety within the community.

OTCCares and the Behavioral Intervention Team provide a systematic response to identify students whose behavior is of concern in order to support student success and to assist in protecting the health, safety and welfare of the students and members of the OTC community. All members of the OTC community are participants in the OTCCares initiative. OTC asks them to contribute to our campus culture of care by learning to actively recognize, respond, refer and report persons of concern. The OTCCares initiative includes educational programming at all college locations, consultation opportunities and easily-accessible/anonymous on-line reporting.

The following OTCCares presentation provides a short synopsis of the initiative as well as instructions on how to report any concerning behaviors, including potential suicidal behaviors.  https://students.otc.edu/bit/presentation/

Please visit otc.edu/otccares for more details information about the OTCCares initiative.