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Information about Counseling Services for Students

The Counseling Services staff provides personal counseling services for the OTC community. We provide our services primarily in a private office setting, meeting one-on-one with a counselor. Although, we may provide some services in a small-group setting. Staff also works closely with our Academic Advising staff to provide advising/educational planning services. Visit us for more information about counseling services for students.

Personal counseling services are available to currently enrolled post-secondary students and OTC staff where one of the goals is to promote student personal development and psychological well-being.

(NOTE: For information about counseling and career assessment services available to OTC’s Career Center students, please visit the Career Center website.

Personal Counseling

“Personal counseling” (sometimes referred to as mental-health counseling) is sought by individuals (or small groups) who have issues in their lives which are interfering with their life satisfaction. Common examples of “personal counseling” issues may include (but are not limited to) struggles with anxiety (test, performance, and/or generalized anxiety), depression, stress and relationship communication. Other issues counselors work with are abuse, grief, or post-traumatic stress disorder. Counselors are available to work with minors (under the age of 18) for personal counseling issues.  However, a minor will need to obtain parent or guardian permission if he/she wishes to participate in more than one personal counseling session.

Counseling is a process that requires participation from both the student and the counselor.  Ultimately, though, it is the student who needs to take the steps toward making healthy changes.  One of these steps can include completing a mental health screening.  Click on the link below to complete a free, anonymous mental health screening.

Online Mental Health Screening

If you are concerned about your own drug use experience or are concerned about someone else, the online drug link offers an anonymous screening. You will find an opportunity to learn additional information and resources to find help with this link.  Click on the link below to complete a free, anonymous screening.

Online Drug Screening

Referral Guides and other resources can be found on the main page for Counseling Services.

Contact us at 417-447-6974 or email

-Information about Counseling Services for Students



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