Student Care Team

The Student Care Team exists to provide holistic, proactive support to students by connecting them with appropriate resources to mitigate risk, promote safety and well-being, and help ensure a productive learning environment at every OTC location.


In cases of emergency, reporters should contact 911 or OTC Safety & Security FIRST if the person of concern poses an immediate threat to themselves or others or if the person of concern experiences a medical emergency (e.g. seizure, loss of consciousness). The Student Care Team plays a secondary role in responding to emergency circumstances and should be contacted only after initial emergency notifications are made. Reporters should follow up during the next business day with Safety and Security and the Student Care Team by completing a Report of Concern.

Mental Health

Students exhibiting behaviors that could be indicative of depression, anxiety, stress, anger, withdrawal or other concerning behaviors should be referred to the Student Care Team by completing a Report of Concern so that students can be connected with appropriate support resources.

Campus Safety

To help ensure the safety of every OTC location reporters should proactively report and refer students concerns to the Student Care Team so that appropriate actions can be taken to address concerning student behavior.

To learn more about how OTC works to support student success and respond to student needs please watch the informative video below.