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At this time ALL mental health support sessions with any OTC Mental Health Counselor at every OTC location will be conducted via Telephone Call to your personal cell phone number or via Doxy.Me Video Telehealth. You may indicate your preference of telephone call or Doxy.Me to the OTC staff member who contacts you to schedule your appointment.


You can utilize Doxy.Me if you have a Wi-Fi or Ethernet internet connection (LTE or 4G will not work) and a device with a working Web Cam and Microphone.

You must use one of the following Internet Browsers on your device: Chrome, Firefox, or Safari.

You do not need to download or sign-up to use Doxy.Me Video Telehealth.


First, click on the blue button below: “Request an Appointment with a Counselor” After you fill out and submit the Appointment Request form, the following will happen:

  1. Your Mental Health Counselor will contact you, asking if you prefer a Telephone Call or a Doxy.Me video telehealth session
  2. If you choose a Telephone Call, your Mental Health Counselor will call you at your appointment time
  3. If you choose Doxy.Me, your Mental Health Counselor will send you a Doxy.Me link for your appointment to your OTC email
  4. Once you receive your Doxy.Me link, go to the patient check in: and enter your Doxy.Me link
  5. Click on the green “Check In” button
  6. Your OTC Mental Health Counselor will see that you have checked in, and will begin the call with you
  7. If the telehealth video session is not successful, your Mental Health Counselor will contact you via telephone.
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