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Success Coaches

Welcome, current and future Success Coaches!

For our pilot semester, 36 Success Coaches were recommended and selected to serve OTC students in a mentoring capacity.  The Success Coach (volunteer OTC faculty or staff member) and the Champion (OTC student) are paired together at a one to one ratio for the duration of a selected semester.

What is a Success Coach?

We’re glad you asked! The OTC Success Coach is a caring individual with a connection to OTC that can serve as a supportive friend and mentor to their Champion. Success Coaches are not professional counselors, but rather individuals who can connect students to helpful resources within the community.  Champions will come to view their coach as a familiar face, as well as a person they can reach out to. Essentially, the coach’s primary job is to care and to let their Champion know that they care. Coaches will partake in:

  • A one hour training prior to being paired with their champion
  • A kick-off event during which they will meet their champion for the first time
  • A minimum of five points of contact with their champion throughout the semester
  • An end of the semester celebration for their champion

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