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Advising Training and Development Workshops

“Getting Started” @ OTC

  • Wed., August 30th, 2pm-3pm                     Springfield Campus-ICW 111 (Farmers)
  • Thur., August 2nd,  2pm-3pm                     Springfield Campus-ICW 111 (Farmers)

Self-Authorship & Transitional Development

  • Wed., September 13th, 2pm-3pm               Springfield Campus-ICW 111 (Farmers)
  • Thur., September 14th, 2pm-3pm               Springfield Campus-ICW 111 (Farmers)

Advising Veteran Students

  • Wed., September 27th, 2pm-3pm               Springfield Campus-ICW 111 (Farmers)
  • Thur., September 28th, 2pm-3pm               Springfield Campus-ICW 111 (Farmers)

Developmental Advising for Student Success

  • Wed., October 18th,  2pm-3pm                   Springfield Campus-ICW 111 (Farmers)
  • Thur., October 19th,  2pm-3pm                   Springfield Campus-ICW 111 (Farmers)

Applying Student Development Theory to Everyday Practice & Assessment

  • Wed., October 24th,  2pm-3pm                   Springfield Campus-ICW 117

Transfer Students: What Do They Need to Know?

  • Wed., November 1st,  2pm-3pm                  Springfield Campus-ICW 117
  • Thur., November 2nd, 2pm-3pm                  Springfield Campus-ICW 117

Registration Prep/OTC Central Workshop

  • Mon., November 13th, 2pm-3pm                 Springfield Campus-ICW 117

Writing Center

The Carol Jones Writing Center helps students of all skill levels improve their writing skills. From brainstorming ideas to learning how to cite properly, the Writing Center can assist with any step of the writing process.

Speech Communication Center

We are dedicated to providing free student support through quality tutoring and mentoring in the areas of public speaking and communication. We’ll help students prepare and rehearse for any speech or group presentation.

Tutoring and Learning Center

The Tutoring and Learning Center offer learning assistance in several pre-college and college level courses. Students can receive assistance for such courses as math, anatomy and physiology, computer applications, chemistry and study skills.

Disability Support Services

The Disability Support Services Office offers support services to both students with disabilities and the faculty and staff who work with these students.

Financial Aid

The Financial Aid Office is here to help you navigate through the various processes to help you receive the assistance needed to pay for college.

Career Exploration

The Career Exploration services provide currently  enrolled and prospective OTC college students the opportunity to participate in career counseling through Career Employment Services.


Counseling Services provides numerous supportive resources to assist members of the OTC community such as high school students, college students and OTC staff with personal decisions.

Student Needs

The Office of Student Affairs is here to help you get the help you need. There are many local organizations dedicated to helping those in extenuating circumstances. From utility and transportation needs to food and housing, this provides a comprehensive list of data for community resources in southwest Missouri.

Academic Advising

The Academic Advising Office welcomes new and transfer students to the college. Our professional advisors will assist you in making informed course decisions as you begin or continue your college career at OTC.

OTC Foundation

The purpose of the OTC Foundation is to advocate for the college, secure private financial resources as well as enhance educational cultural and workforce opportunities that may otherwise be unavailable.

What if a student needs to change their program?

Students may come to student services or e-mail a Change of Program form to They should be encouraged to meet with a general academic advisor to discuss the new program requirements.

How do I email all of my advisees?

Once logged in to you MyOTC, please click the AccessOTC. Under Advising Resources, you will click the “E-mail All Advisees” link. The next screen is the “E-mail All Advisees” screen. Here you’ll select the current term, then hit Submit. You will see a list of all your advisees. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click “OK.” This brings you to a screen where you’ll be able to email all of your advisees.

Things to consider when working with students on probation?

Students placed on probation will need an advisor to release them from the probation hold before registering their classes for future registration periods. Asking why a student is on probation and how they might get themselves off probation can result in important conversations with an advisor. That conversation could lead to advisors working with students on:

Each student on probation is different, and may have one or many reasons why they are on probation. With your help, these students might be able to climb out of probation. For students who may want more direct accountability and mentorship, they are able to request a Success Coach.

For questions please contact:

David Lind
Coordinator of Advisor Training & Development
ICW 219J

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