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About Online Orientation

Online Orientation is the online alternative to Orientation and is required for students who have never attended college.  It is also strongly recommended for students transferring to OTC. Online Orientation is delivered through OTC’s online course system, Canvas. 

Online Orientation is self-paced and students are required to work through seven steps and have their course plans reviewed by an Academic Advisor before being released to register for their first semester at OTC.

During Online Orientation you will learn: 

  • What programs of study OTC offers
  • What courses are needed for your program of study and the order to take them
  • How to create your education plan
  • How to plan and register for courses
  • How to access your Financial Aid Checklist
  • How to set-up the My Payment Plan to lock-in your registration

Enroll in Online Orientation

If you want to participate in Online Orientation, please click the link below to self-enroll.

Online Orientation FAQs

How do I enroll in Online Orientation?

There are two ways you can enroll in Online Orientation

  1. Self-Enrollment: to self-enroll in the Online Orientation course, click the button above.
  2. Email: email and request to be added to the Online Orientation course. 

What if I want to participate in Orientation instead?

 If you want to complete the in-person version of Orientation please visit the Orientation webpage to learn more:

Can I complete Online Orientation on my smartphone?

 While technically, yes, you can complete Online Orientation on your smartphone we strongly recommend completing Online Orientation on either a laptop or desktop computer.

Do I need to use a particular web browser to complete Online Orientation?

Yes. You must use Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, or Firefox to access Canvas and the Online Orientation course.

How long does it take to complete Online Orientation?

Most students are able to complete Online Orientation in 2-3 hours. However, since Online Orientation is untimed and completed at your own pace, the amount of time needed varies from person to person.

What if I need help with Online Orientation?

If you have a question or need assistance while working through the Online Orientation course, please email us at or call 417-447-6907.

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