Politically Active

Politically Active is a nonpartisan student-run organization dedicated to improving the political literacy of OTC students.  Young adults consistently rank the worst in political awareness and political participation.  We volunteer the least, and we donate the least.  This generation is less likely to know what terms like “pro-life” and “pro-choice” means, or how the legislative process works or even what it takes to vote. 

We commit our organization to elevating the political knowledge of as many OTC students as possible.  Our organization will hold political events; we will engineer voter registration drives and personally invite the headline makers in local, state and national politics into our rooms so they can educate us directly as to what they do and why.  

Again: we are nonpartisan.  We do not promote the Democratic Party, the Republican Party or any individual politicians or organizations.  The only thing we promote is bringing more of the community into our campus and bringing more of our campus into the community. 

We have monthly meetings throughout the semester where we discuss and debate the issues. We require club members to participate in one activity of their choice. 

Be a part of our movement. Email the sponsors Cara Griffin (griffinc@otc.edu) or Andrew Crocker (crockera@otc.edu), for more information or show up to any of our meetings!

Contact: Cara Griffin or Andrew Crocker

President: RT Gumersell (rg0963718@otc.edu)

Vice President: Sam Boggs (sb0967592@otc.edu)

Vice President: Jessie Warden (jw0937957@otc.edu)

Public Relations Coordinator: Jonas Ryan (jr0966226@otc.edu)

Secretary: Spencer Carney (sc0964324@otc.edu)

Treasurer: Austin Kennard (ak0954115@otc.edu)

Social Media Coordinator: Natalee Still (ns0984571@otc.edu)

Nontraditional Representative: Roberta Simmons (rs0951540@otc.edu)

Phi Theta Kappa Liaison: Stephanie Cruz (sc0965764@otc.edu)

Production Manager: Miranda Morgan-Irish (mm0967658@otc.edu)

Event Coordinator: Zaine Stephens (zs0915589@otc.edu)

Event Coordinator: Sam Snider (ss0986534@otc.edu)

Executive Assistant: Nikki Ntizala (nn0955862@otc.edu)

Vibemaster General: Ethan Frye (ef0962325@otc.edu)

Cabinet Member: Christina Poole (cp0971485@otc.edu)